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Serving up outdoor gear reviews since 1999, FeedTheHabit.com is the original gear review blog before blogs were even invented. Since then, we’ve expanded our staff of writers, which now includes a handful of dedicated gear testers who actually use the products we test. We’re not talking generic unboxing videos or a review after using the product one time. No, we ride the bikes for hundreds of miles (sometimes thousands) and put every piece through real-world testing.

Meet the Crew:

Jason Mitchell – Chief Editor & Owner
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Kevin Glover – Senior Contributor
Bella Santos – Senior Contributor
Eric Miller – Contributor
Kendall Card – Contributor
Donald Buraglio – Contributor
Rocky Derrick – Contributor
Tim Cartwright – Contributor
Brigham Graff – Contributor
Rich Lambert – Contributor
Trina Ortega – Contributor
Mike Brcic – Contributor
Lee Lau – Contributor
Sharon Bader – Contributor

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We utilize affiliate links to get a small commission when you purchase items from your regular retailers. These links go through AvantLink, ShareASale or Commission Junction. It costs you nothing and allows us to keep this site running.

Why Gear Reviews?

If you’re interested to know how our exhaustive gear reviews directly influence consumers, here are some thoughts. For starters, our reviews are consistently in the top 5 search results on Google and Yahoo for relevant searches. And, on top of that, check out the following survey that was done by the Snowsports Industry of America regarding consumer’s use of online product reviews prior to purchasing.

McLEAN, Va. (May 13, 2008) – SnowSports Industries America (SIA) recently released its End of the Season Survey from the SnowSports Consumer Panel. The Panel is designed to represent all snow sports participants in the U.S. market. An online survey was sent to over 3,300 Consumer Panel members to find out how consumers use online product reviews when researching and purchasing snow sports products. According to the Panel, the majority of snow sports participants (86.4%) said that they take the time to read online product reviews that other consumers have written before purchasing new products. These reviews are even more important to consumers getting ready to purchase big ticket items like snowboards, apparel, and skis. More than 88% of panel members said they seek out and read these reviews before purchasing expensive snow sports equipment and apparel.

Snow sports participants claim to be directly impacted by these consumer reviews. Almost 7 out of 10 consumers have decided not to purchase a product because of a review another consumer has written. On the other hand, the impact of a bad review only goes so far, 61.6% have purchased a product even after it received bad consumer reviews.

Independent Analysis:

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A Note About the Gear We Review

There has been a fair amount of scuttlebutt surrounding the nature of product reviews posted on blogs. Some bloggers think that since the product is provided to them as a sample that they must provide a glowing review. Well, sometimes bad products are bad products and there’s no way around that. We work hard to be honest and thorough in our reviews–no matter how the product is obtained. Speaking of that, the products obtained for review on this Web site fall into the following categories:

  1. Items purchased at retail
  2. Items purchased directly from the manufacturer
  3. Items provided as a sample from the manufacturer

If you have a question about the origin of a product obtained for review, please contact jason /at/ feedthehabit.com

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