Author: Pete Hitzeman

After fifteen years in the Air Force, Pete decided he didn't like making money, so he took up freelance writing. He lives in southwest Ohio with his wife and pup, and aspires to someday become the world's most mediocre cyclist. If it's got two wheels, he'll probably try it.

There is a tribe of fat-bike-riding hooligans near me who call themselves the Mad Cows. To be clear, they were riding fat bikes before it was cool. At first, they bought cheapish rigs off the internet, just to get outside during the long, soggy Ohio winters. They liked doing that so much, they built their own mountain bike park. Then they started racing their fat bikes at the park. And everywhere else. Most of the Mad Cows now ride full-on fat race rigs, and the herd has swelled to the dozens. So has their race series. Their events are everything…

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