Don’t I feel like one of the cool kids, throwing around acronyms left and right. I’ll break it sponsored the UAC fundraiser showwn. As a recap from last Thursday night put together the Teton Gravity Research (TGR) and KGB Productions (some say it stands for Kitchen Goes Broke for Chris Kitchen who started KGB Productions) film showings at Brewvies as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center who then gives the money to the Utah Avalanche Center. Holy run on sentence Batman!

No matter how you break it down the evening went well. We started things off by showing KGB’s Sublimation Experiment followed by a gear raffled off from our sponsors like Black Diamond,, Bluehouse Skis, and PROBAR. Bluehouse Skis generously donated a pair of the MR skis for a separate raffle that alone raised $500. AftJason Mitchell and Tom from KGB selling tickets for the shower the raffle was done we showed Teton Gravity Research’s Lost and Found.

Everyone that came to the show got a 2 for 1 lift ticket voucher for Snowbird Resort and a 20% off coupon card to The vibe was good and plenty of smiles to go around, especially for a guy named Jason who won the skis from Bluehouse Skis.

In total we raised $1550 which was all donated to the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center. A huge thanks to the sponsors and to the people who showed up. See you next year – first Thursday of December at Brewvies.

.Jason - winner of the Bluehouse Skis Bluehouse Ski Company - sponsor of the UAC fundraiser show Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center at Brewvies

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