As one of the early-adopters of Polartec’s new Power Air fleece, the Adidas Terrex Power Air makes fleece easier to live with while retaining excellent breathability and natural stretch. So far, the Power Air fleece jacket has been outstanding for winter trail running and I look forward to many more adventures to come.

Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece Features:

  • Features Polartec Power Air fleece
  • Non-pilling fleece and smooth interior
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Athletic fit
  • Hand pockets and single arm pocket
  • Adjustable, streamlined hood
  • Double sleeve cuffs
  • Weight: 22.5 oz (medium, actual)
  • MSRP: $180
Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece Review

Power Air lining slides right over base layers and resists pilling.

Power Air makes fleece easier to wear

Adidas Terrex is one of a handful of early partners using Polartec’s Power Air fleece. This new material seems to combine the benefits of Polartec’s classic grid-style fleece with a smooth, breathable lining. But, it’s beyond that. It’s actually a single, continuous yarn that encapsulates lofted fibers, much like bubble wrap. ┬áThe result is a fleece jacket that performs like a fleece jacket should (insulative, breathable), but without the fuss that brushed fleece brings (snagged sleeves, pilling).

The Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece uses 4-way stretch recycled polyester and elastic fabric to deliver a form-fitting jacket that performs like a champ for cold-weather trail running. My favorite feature of the Power Air is the ability to slip the jacket on top of a long-sleeve shirt without it pulling the sleeve up to my armpit in the process. The smooth lining doesn’t catch on sleeves and feels comfortable next-to-skin should you be wearing a short-sleeve shirt instead.

Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece Review

Terrex Power Air offers a streamlined fit, perfect for winter running.

Power Air’s continuous yarn construction delivers excellent warmth and breathability in a snag-free design.┬áThe face fabric does knock a little bit of wind, but it’s by no means a wind or water barrier. Like any fleece jacket, I’ve had to either wear it with a vest for core warmth or a shell for supreme weather protection. Either option works great to extend the usability of the Terrex Power Air Fleece, but the attached hood does get in the way with some outer layers.

I have primarily worn the Power Air for cold-weather trail running and it excels as a running jacket. The fit is streamlined with zero extra bulk (I wore the Medium and am 5’11” / 173 lbs). As it is, I typically would wear a long-sleeve base layer (like the Sherpa Vayu or Craft Active Extreme Windstopper) and occasionally a lightweight vest underneath as well. I love the streamlined fit and found it to be excellent for winter running.

Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece Review

The Adidas Terrex Power Air breathes like a champ.

Breathability here is outstanding. After a good run, the jacket was never overwhelmed — it just keeps dissipating heat and perspiration like a champ. And, the built-in anti-microbial properties of Power Air keeps the jacket smelling fresh, even after repeated use.

The sleeves are ample long (hallelujah) and feature a double-cuff. While it does a great job of adding warmth, I found the cuffs to be quite bulky. This became particularly apparent with gloves when all I wanted to do was access my Apple Watch. Not only was the double-cuff bulky, it made it difficult to access my watch. Surely, a single sleeve cuff would have sufficed.

Adidas Terrex Power Air Sleeve Cuff

The double sleeve cuff does get a bit bulky — especially with a watch.

Something else that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. While the lining is smooth and comfortable (for the most part), all the seams are piped instead of being flat lock stitching. What this means is each seam is readily felt — especially in the sleeves where the articulated design makes for several seams.

The Good

  • Lining makes it easy to put on with a base layer
  • Power Air delivers warmth and excellent breathability
  • Streamlined fit that’s great for running
  • Tall collar and zipper garage is comfortable against my chin
  • Form-fitting hood with excellent peripheral vision
  • Excellent anti-stink properties
  • Large zipper pulls are easy-to-use with gloves

The Bad

  • Double sleeve cuffs are bulky
  • Piped seams in liner are noticeable
  • Attached hood becomes bulky when worn as a mid-layer
  • Feels heavy (4 oz. heavier than Black Diamond First Light)

The Bottom Line: Adidas Terrex Power Air Fleece

With Polartec Power Air, the Terrex Power Air Fleece makes it easy to wear long-sleeve shirts with fleece again. The smooth lining slips atop a base layer without bunching and aids in overall breathability. I’m loving this jacket for cold-weather running and look forward to many non-pilling years ahead.

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