Well-known for their compression apparel, Under Armour also has a wide array of products in many categories — including trail running.  Perhaps the staple in the modest trail running line, the Horizon RTT delivers a high-quality ride at a reasonable price.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Features:

  • Neutral last for a wide-range of fit
  • Mesh and PU upper for breathability and protection
  • Welded in critical areas
  • Charged Cushioning foam puck under the heel for comfort
  • Full-length EVA midsole cushioning
  • High-traction rubber lug outsole
  • 7mm offset
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • MSRP: $109.99
Under Armour Horizon RTT Review

The Horizon RTT offers traction galore and protective PU uppers.

Grippiest soles in the West

It didn’t take long to find something that the Horizon RTT’s excelled at — grip. Whoa nelly, these are super grippy with the tenacity to dig into terrain like a mountain goat in the Alps. More on that later, but it’s astounding.

I’ll get this out quickly as well — be sure to size up a full size. I just did my typical half size and really should have gone up a full size. With traditional construction, the toe box can be a little narrow coming from the likes of Altra or Topo Athletic but sizing up should help that.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Review

Trail running in the red dirt of Southern Utah.

The PU uppers do provide excellent protection while still offering some breathability. I have yet to run in hot weather, but these are certainly not the most airy shoes in the arsenal. I did notice on one morning trail run in the desert that they were a little more damp inside than I’d like them to be.

With the grippiest soles in the West, the Horizon RTT’s will be sure to get you wherever you want to go. I’ve gone from fire roads and Wasatch singletrack to red ribbons of dirt and sandstone in Utah’s desert and it’s hard to imagine a grippier sole. The nice thing about it is the tread’s don’t get in the way. Other similarly-grippy soles tend to get in their own way but these offer smooth and natural traction both uphill and down.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Review

These outsoles offer grip for days.

I do wish the laces had a little more flex in them because I did find that I had to fine-tune the lacing tension with every run. A little more flex in the laces could have alleviated that task.

Overall comfort is as you’d expect from a traditional last with 7mm drop. They do carry that drop well and don’t feel excessively “ramped” underfoot, but it is an adjustment if you’re used to low or zero-drop shoes. Cushioning is good with ample support overall. In no way would I consider these well-cushioned, but I’ll call it adequate and about on par with most traditional trail runners.

Under Armour Horizon RTT Review

Ample traction everywhere.

Stability has been good with no tendency to roll or twist in dicey terrain. I do wish they had a little more rocker in the soles for a smoother stride, but mid foot strikers will be just fine with the extra toe-off traction from these outsoles.

The PU uppers do provide added foot protection — something that has been welcomed during trail runs in the desert (lots of sharp, pokey things). I’ll add that the forefoot protection is perhaps a little bit more than I’d like as trail feel suffers. If you have very sensitive feet, these will do you well but if you like to be in tune with the trail, these will leave you wanting.

The Good

  • That outsole is supremely-grippy (without getting in its own way)
  • Uppers provide added protection from rocks, branches and moisture
  • Sharp, pointy rocks are erased on the trail
  • Excellent stability

The Bad

  • I’d like just a little more midsole comfort
  • Finicky lacing tension
  • Run small… size up a full size

The Bottom Line: Under Armour Horizon RTT

Under Armour fans will love the unique looks of the Horizon RTT trail runners and everyone will appreciate the supreme traction they provide. These will appeal to trail runners who are used to traditional shoes and are seeking traction above all.

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