As the perfect match for the Assos Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts, the Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey knocks it out of the park for hot-weather riding. Comfortable and breathable, the Equipe RS Aero feels great on the longest of rides and capably hauls whatever you want to carry in its pockets.

Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey Features:

  • Utilizes miniCheck Tex fabric on front and Stabilizer textile in back
  • Three Triple Ramp pockets
  • Raw + bonded sleeve cuffs
  • Low-profile collar
  • AeroFit design for ultimate performance
  • MSRP: $189.00
Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey - Front

The stretchy front fabric is breathable and aero.

Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey - Back

The backside features 2-way stretch and three Triple Ramp Pockets.

Equipe RS delivers all-day comfort

Heading into the inaugural SBT GRVL race, I had my eye set on something comfortable and breathable. While I love the Assos XC Kit, it’s not as breathable as I’d like. So, the ultimate choice was to go full Equipe RS with the Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts and the Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey. It was a great choice.

Slipping on the Equipe RS Aero is like putting on a superhero suit that features modern lines and super-breathability, darling (perhaps it was secretly designed by Incredibles designer, Edna Mode). The fit is slim and racy with the size large offering me a snug, but not “painted on” fit. With miniCheck Tex fabric up front, the breathability is superb. The texture is akin to golf ball dimples for aero efficiency as well. It’s an incredible mesh fabric that is soft, stretchy and surprisingly-durable. I had a couple of instances where I was sure the fabric would have developed a snag, but nope, it’s just fine.

On colder rides, I opted for a sleeveless base layer underneath. The fabric stretched to accommodate the extra layer and helped keep me warmer on cold morning starts (like SBT GRVL).

SBT GRVL 2019 and the Open UPPER

At the SBT GRVL finish — the setup and kit were flawless!

Again, the beauty of the front fabric is its 4-way stretch, which fits amazing. Assos has then utilized a mixture of materials elsewhere for the ideal fit and function. Shoulders and sleeves are another soft and stretchy 4-way fabric, but the Stabilizer fabric used in the back only features 2-way stretch. It stretches sideways to accommodate muscle movement, but doesn’t stretch long ways so it properly supports the contents of the rear pockets. It’s well-executed, resulting in Sherpa-like hauling capabilities.

With the Triple Ramp Pocket design, the wide rear hem and overall construction makes quick work of any load I’ve tossed inside. Each pocket has an upper flap to keep items in place — nice touch. In the saddle, each pocket is easily-reached and used. They stretch nicely and can haul loads of stuff for all-day adventures. I dig the pockets. However, since this is a race-specific jersey, be aware that there is no zippered sleeve.

Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey Review

Such a comfortable, breathable jersey for warm days.

The full front zip is more of a standard-gauge design, which bucks recent trends favoring large-toothed zippers. The result is a smooth zipper that pulls up/down easily with a simple, but functional pull.

Sleeve length is what you’d expect from a modern jersey, but not as long as the sleeves on the Castelli Aero Race 6.0. Still, it’s a good length and features a mixture of raw-cut and bonded edges for simplicity, comfort and durability.

The Good

  • Supremely-comfortable
  • Breathes like a champ
  • Pockets carry loads really well (among the best tested)
  • Fabric has been durable
  • Low-profile collar adds to breathability

The Bad

  • Could be more stylish (it’s a little bland)

The Bottom Line: Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey

If breathability and comfort is what you’re after, the Assos Equipe RS Aero SS Jersey is tops. The magic sauce here is not just a mesh jersey, but one that has been thought out with attention to every detail. This jersey honestly carries loads better than any other summer-weight jersey I’ve worn. Heck, it might be the most natural hauler I’ve tested. Everything just stays put, letting you focus on the ride and not your bouncing gear.

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