Long-sleeve jerseys shouldn’t be reserved just for winter or shoulder season, but still, that’s when they shine. With extra versatility, the Assos Mille GT Spring/Fall long-sleeve jersey and vest are a spectacular combo for cool mornings or cold days in the saddle.

Assos Mille GT Spring/Fall Jersey and Vest Features:

  • RX warp-knit fabric is quick-drying and abrasion resistant
  • Type.157 Stripe Tex fabric on back and underarms
  • Performance fit is streamlined, but not race-style
  • Triple Ramp rear jersey pockets
  • Full-length, low-profile zipper
  • Vest is optimized for wearing with Mille GT Jersey
  • Vest features two rear pocket openings for easy access
  • MSRP: $169 (LS Jersey), $149 (Vest)
Assos Millet GT Jersey and Vest Review

The perfect combination.

Assos Mille GT Jersey & Vest Go Together Like PB&J

Historically, there have been some great duos (Batman/Robin, Tim Conway/Don Knotts or Peanut Butter/Jelly) and I’ll put the Mille GT Spring/Fall Jersey and the Mille GT Vest against any of them. This combination is superb and integrated in a way that’s simply masterful. Slipping the combo on, delivers an immediate sense of cohesion. The fit is sublime, both the jersey and vest zip up/down with ease, the collar is the perfect height and diameter, the sleeves are long enough for consistent coverage and the vest features perfectly-designed pass-thru access to the jersey pockets. I like to call it my “Superhero Kit.”

I’ve worn the Mille GT Jersey alone, with the vest or underneath a light jacket, like the Santini Scudo Windbreaker or the GORE G7 Shakedry Gore-Tex jacket. Versatility is on point with this jersey and vest and I’ve been wearing it regularly this spring. And, I’ll admit that I like it so much, I’ve worn it on consecutive rides and it does a great job at remaining stink-free.

Assos Mille GT Spring Fall Jersey and Vest Review

The jersey alone was great on a long climb, but the vest was needed on the descent.

While I love vests, they don’t always have their own pockets. And, frankly, you don’t want to load the vest up because you might shed it mid-ride. However, most vests make accessing jersey pockets a chore. Assos solves this by adding perfectly-aligned access holes in the vest, which make it a breeze to get things in/out of the outside pockets. And, they stretch wide enough to still access the center pocket in a pinch. As a bonus, the vest works well with many other brands of jerseys — depending on the pocket location.

I’m 5’11” and 175 lbs and have been testing the large Mille GT Jersey and Vest. It fits just right with a great overall fit, including collar height/diameter, hem length and sleeve length. It goes without saying that this kit is optimized for on-bike fit. Everything becomes invisible and the brushed interior wicks away moisture and provides instant warmth on cold days. With temperatures in the 40’s, I was quite comfortable with one of the aforementioned jackets. Once temperatures got into the 50’s, I was comfortable with the jersey and vest, and then into the low-60’s, the jersey alone was excellent.

Assos Mille GT Spring Fall Jersey and Vest Review

Zipped up, the vest/jersey combo felt like a Superhero Suit.

While the Mille GT jersey and vest don’t provide water-resistance, they do offer wind protection. The vest provides the bulk of that protection on chilly descents while the breathable back allows moisture to escape. When fully-zipped, the combo is never restrictive while providing good coverage.

The Good

  • Feels like a Superhero Kit
  • Collar height and diameter is perfect when both vest/jersey are zipped up
  • Fabrics are top-notch
  • Cut and fit is spot on for coverage
  • Brushed back helps breathability and warmth
  • Versatile combo
  • Stays put throughout the ride
  • Vest is easily-stashed in a pocket

The Bad

  • Jersey pockets are a little small
  • The price of the vest alone seems steep

The Bottom Line: Assos Mille GT Jersey/Vest

What a great combination Assos has delivered with the Mille GT Jersey and Vest. Alone, together or under a shell, this combination is versatile, comfortable, warm and protective — all with classic Assos craftsmanship.

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