Immediate comfort and a fantastic fit are easily-found with the all-new Bollé Trackdown MIPS all-mountain helmet. With the most recognized name in safety (MIPS), Bollé is delivering one of the most advanced mountain bike helmets we’ve tested.

Bollé Trackdown MIPS Helmet Features:

  • Dual-density EPS foam construction
  • MIPS liner for improved impact protection
  • Sunglasses garage
  • Adjustable, goggle-friendly visor
  • Click-To-Fit closure system
  • Removable vent covers for winter riding
  • Colors: Navy Gradient (tested), Black/Fire, Purple Gradient, White/Fire
  • Weight: 400 grams (Medium, Actual)
  • MSRP: $169
Bolle Trackdown MIPS Helmet Review

The Trackdown MIPS delivers ultimate protection and comfortable fit.

Trackdown Delivers Safety

As riders are getting more and more aggressive on faster, more capable machines, helmet manufacturers are  doing a great job keeping up. We’ve seen improved head coverage, larger visors and goggle-friendly designs all across the board. And, the new Bollé Trackdown MIPS is checking all the necessary boxes for gravity junkies or anyone who wants extra coverage and the safety of MIPS.

The Trackdown MIPS was launched at Interbike 2017 (I saw it there) and I was immediately impressed. I got the run-down first-hand from Bollé Helmet Product Manager, Tove Fritzell and she covered all the bases well enough to leave me impressed and eager to get one in for review.

MIPS Believer Right Here

Briefly, I’ll share that I’m a believer in MIPS because I have actually felt it work. I had a low-speed crash while mountain biking that resulted in me going over the bars and down an embankment. The first thing that hit was the side of my head. In that moment, I felt the impact, then a slight slow-motion rotation. I had actually felt the MIPS liner slipping inside the shell to prevent injury. To this day, I remember that moment vividly and while the crash was low-speed, I firmly believe that MIPS saved me from additional injury that day.

So, I truly believe that Bollé made a great choice going with MIPS, but the rest of the helmet is no slouch either. With dual-density Avid Progressive EPS foam any impacts are also dispersed more effectively, thus further reducing potential injury. Both low and high-density foams are used strategically to keep your noggin protected from injury.

Bolle Trackdown MIPS Helmet Review

Hitting the local loops with the Trackdown MIPS.

In the Dirt

Beyond the wide array of technologies used with the Trackdown MIPS, this helmet just plain fits and feels bomber on my noggin. Granted, everyone’s heads are shaped differently. Mine is a typical oval shape and the Trackdown really fits like a glove. The 360° fit system ensures that pressure is evenly-distributed and proper pad contact is maintained.

The straps are soft and flexible and they stay seated perfectly with easy yoke adjustments to get just the right fit. Instead of threading through the interior of the helmet, the straps are hard mounted into the shell. This type of mounting makes putting the helmet on drop-dead easy since you don’t have to straighten the straps throughout the helmet — just unclip and slap it on.

With outboard straps, you’ll have to wear your glasses inside of the straps (a roadie fashion faux pas), but all varieties of sunglasses used worked just fine. I didn’t have any interference with either the frames or temples towards the back of the helmet. That has been fantastic news since full-coverage helmets tend to have lots of “junk” in the back. Mid-ride breaks or at the end of the ride, I can easily stash my sunglasses in the helmet too (hooray for sunglasses companies making helmets).

The dial fit system is great and functions much like all the others on the market, but it can be difficult to reach the dial since it sits so close to the underside of the helmet.

I’d say this helmet is a touch on the warmer side with only 15 vents. No, it’s not a pressure cooker, but there are more ventilated helmets available. On that note, the Trackdown MIPS also comes with vent plugs for winter use, which is a great bonus for cold rides.

The adjustable visor is easily moved so it never blocks forward vision. It can also move upwards enough to allow goggles to be stored on the brim of the helmet. I’ll add that every exposed edge is also protected by the hard shell, so you won’t have to worry about EPS getting damaged if you keep it in the back of your car (like I do).

I’ll add that the Trackdown (like nearly every helmet I’ve tested) does allow sweat to drip right into the inside of my sunglasses. Someone needs to figure out a way to channel sweat outward.

The Good

  • Heavenly fit
  • Feels very solid and protective
  • Visor stays out of the way
  • Sunglass garage
  • Outboard straps make it easier to put on
  • MIPS
  • Nice to have winter plugs

The Bad

  • Can get a little warm
  • Sweat drips right inside my sunglasses

The Bottom Line: Bollé Trackdown MIPS

Everything about the Trackdown MIPS has been impressive. The fit is superb and feels like you just strapped a Volvo to your noggin. Construction is top-notch and the visor is easily moved out of the way for either sunglasses or goggles.

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In Summary

9.2 Instant comfort

I'm definitely impressed by the Bollé Trackdown MIPS. The fit is superb and it exudes confidence with every pedal stroke. Whether you're an XC rider looking for extra protection or an enduro racer, everyone will appreciate the quality and performance the Trackdown provides.

  • Comfort 10
  • Fit/Retention 10
  • Protection 10
  • Breathability 7
  • Style 9
  • Value 9

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