Road tubeless remains a bit of an enigma to some and having a bad set of valves doesn’t do it any favors. Simple, I know, but these are awesome in the best ways.

Boyd Cycling Tubeless Valves Features:

  • Includes tubeless wingnut
  • Rubber extends into the valve
  • Standard square rubber base
  • Removable core
  • Available in 44, 55, 60 (tested), 80, and 110mm lengths
  • MSRP: $14-25
Boyd Tubeless Wingnut Valve Review

The wingnut is simple, and it works so well.

Tubeless wingnuts for the win

The story behind the tubeless wingnut that’s found on Boyd’s tubeless valves is one that we can all relate to. When installing tubeless valves, we often tighten the valve nut down as tightly as possible. Then if it ever needs to be removed, it could be an impossible task. Those little nuts can be problematic, so, after one such #%@#& moment, Boyd Johnson came up with an alternative — the tubeless wingnut.

What makes the wingnut special is its shape. It’s shaped like a teardrop and allows you to easily tighten or remove the nut without resorting to vice grips. It’s a small thing, but definitely delightful to use.

Boyd Tubeless Wingnut Valve Review

Installed in a jiffy and ready to roll.

I needed a new set of valves for a pair of Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc Tubeless wheels. At 45mm deep, the 60mm long valves fit like a charm with approximately 15mm exposed for easy mounting and inflation. My standard-nutted tubeless valves are feeling the heat now as I can’t wait to replace them with these superior valves.

These valves are suitable for both MTB and road use, but I’ve just used them for road tubeless so far. And, with the amount of work it takes to mount most road tubeless tires, it’s nice to not have to mess around with inferior valve nuts. I’m adding these to my list of things I didn’t know I needed, but can’t live without.

Long-term, it will be good to see how the valve cores hold up, but the black valves and awesome wingnuts make these my new favorites when new tubeless valves are needed. Also, the wingnuts are available separately to add to your existing valves.

The Good

  • Wingnut is easily tightened/removed
  • A variety of lengths are available
  • Hold air nicely
  • Affordably-priced

The Bad

  • May or may not be available locally (but it’s easy to order from Boyd)
  • I’d love black cores too

The Bottom Line: Boyd Wingnut Tubeless Valves

Boyd’s tubeless wingnut is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. And, after seeing it a few years ago and now using it first-hand, I’m smitten. These make tubeless valve installation and removal a breeze, which is always welcome given the fact that installing tubeless tires can be a pain in the butt overall.

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