With Castelli entrenched both in the ranks of road and cyclocross racing, they tend to come up with unique solutions that add variety to their kit offerings. Whether the new Castelli Lung Warmer is athelte-driven or a great experiment, it’s proving to be something of an “un-vest” for those looking for something a little different.

Castelli 10M Lung Warmer Features:

  • Gore Windstopper 3-layer fabric (body)
  • Tall, fleece-backed collar
  • Velcro closure is easily loosened for on-the-bike removal
  • MSRP: $49.99
Castelli 10M Lung Warmer Review

Tucked under a jersey, the Lung Warmer adds noticeable warmth.

The “un-vest” keeps the engine happy

Last year, I tested the Warmfront Chest Warmer and found it to be a great piece to have along on cool mornings or just in case the weather turned cooler mid-ride. This year, Castelli introduced their Lung Warmer as an ultralight chest warmer just in time for cold mornings or cyclocross races.

As usual, Castelli goes right to the top-shelf with the design and is utilizing Gore’s Windstopper 3-layer fabric for the main body. This provides both a waterproof/breathable and wind-protective layer that definitely helps keep the core warm on cold rides.

Castelli offers the following, when considering the Lung Warmer:

This lung warmer is just enough to keep you a bit warmer when you roll out for an early ride and expect it to warm up later. Place the lung warmer between your base layer and jersey for extra warmth. When you warm up you can easily slip this out and stick it in your pocket, where it takes up almost no space.

In my testing, that’s exactly where I found the sweet spot to be. It’s key that they mention placing this between your base layer and jersey because it gets clammy next-to-skin and I wouldn’t recommend it. Stick to a base layer and the Lung Warmer will provide that extra 10-degree boost you’d expect.

Castelli 10M Lung Warmer Review

The fleece-backed collar is tall and comfortable.

Castelli 10M Lung Warmer Review

Tucked under a jersey, the collar adds considerable comfort.

Something that I’ll also note is the size of the lung warmer is a bit small compared to the Warmfront Chest Warmer. It doesn’t quite provide the coverage, but still delivers added warmth as it deserves the “un-vest” moniker.

Where the Lung Warmer shines is the tall, fleece-backed collar with Velcro closure. It slips comfortably under jerseys and jackets for superb warmth and comfort. When things get toasty, it’s easy enough to undo the tab and pull the entire piece out from under your jersey without skipping a beat. It rolls up super small and stashes easily in even the smallest of jersey pockets.

The Good

  • Top-notch construction and materials
  • Tall collar is mighty comfy
  • Added insurance is easily-worn and carried
  • Provides noticeable warmth

The Bad

  • Body is clammy next-to-skin
  • Body coverage be a little larger

The Bottom Line: Castelli 10M Lung Warmer

Castelli is always at the forefront of cycling performance and knows a thing or two about riding in inclement weather. For those who don’t want a full vest or who just need a little extra warmth, the 10M Lung Warmer offers a lightweight alternative to vests or jackets. It works in a pinch and the tall, comfortable collar steals the show.

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