Castelli’s Gabba is stuff of legends, so when the new Perfetto Long-sleeve Jersey arrived, it had some big shoes to fill. Built with GORE Windstopper X-Lite Plus material, the Perfetto Long-sleeve offers fantastic fit and performance for cool-weather activities.

Castelli Perfetto Long-sleeve Jersey Features:

  • Race-cut all-weather jersey
  • GORE Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric throughout
  • Nanoflex underarm insert for added breathability
  • DWR finish
  • Rubberized hem to keep out the elements
  • Nanoflex drop tail adds backside coverage
  • Drainage ports in all three pockets
  • Tall, lined collar for warmth
  • Zippered torso vents
  • Reflective elements
  • MSRP: $199
Castelli Perfetto // Trek Emonda SLR Disc

Winter rides are meant for the Perfetto.

Perfetto for (cold) race-day

It’s hard to argue with Castelli’s place among the best cycling clothing manufacturers on the market — especially for foul weather kits. The renowned Gabba set the standard for wet-weather performance and now the all-new Perfetto Long-sleeve Jersey takes that to the next level.

At the core, you’ll find GORE’s Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric, which delivers amazing stretch for a “move with me” fit while blocking the wind and rain. Strategically, Nanoflex is used towards the backside of both armpits. This allows for Windstopper to block the wind while Nanoflex allows a little more moisture flow. I’ve had this jersey paired with Castelli’s new LW Bib Tights for a great combo.

Castelli LW Bib Tights and Perfetto Jersey Review

Rolling in the cold, but dry winter we’ve been having here in Salt Lake City.

As with all Castelli pieces, the Perfetto features a race fit. I’m 5’11” / 170 lbs and went with the large Perfetto. It fits perfectly with the ability to wear a long-sleeve thermal jersey and a sleeveless base layer. Don’t count on fitting much more than that underneath as Castelli still feels this is a “jersey” though I wore it more like a jacket.

Something you’ll notice is that this fabric doesn’t provide much in the way of thermal warmth. Yes, it blocks the wind and rain, but when temps drop into the low 40’s and into the upper 30’s, you’ll feel the cold wind in your sleeves — not penetrating, but just allowing you to feel the cold air. The collar height is just right to keep out the elements while the soft mesh lining allows moisture to escape. I really loved the collar height when temps dropped into the lower end of the range.

Castelli Perfetto Jersey Review

Tall, comfortable collar and easy-to-use zipper.

Overall breathability is outstanding. Never did I feel like moisture pooled up. Yes, you could feel the dampness when removing the jacket at the end of a ride, but it distributes evenly and offers a metered exhaust. Never did I feel like I overwhelmed the fabric.

I know that the Windstopper fabric can keep moisture out for extended periods, but the DWR treatment is mediocre. Water does seem to get about a 50% bead-up with the fabric, but again, not once did I get any water penetration. I’ve just seen better DWR in my day. But, like any DWR, it will lessen over time, so it’s great to know that Windstopper keeps water out by itself.

Castelli Perfetto Long Sleeve Jersey Review

DWR is so-so overall (some beads up, some soaks in), but waterproof performance remained solid.

Zippers and pockets are always important aspects of any jersey. The front zip is easily zipped up or down in the saddle. I found the zipper pull to be easily-grabbed with gloves on. With the two torso vents, it was a little harder but not impossible to do a one-handed unzip. Two hands are required to zip those up though. I love the three rear pockets and used them easily in the saddle. They are decently-sized to carry thicker gloves, vest or skull cap just in case.

I wore the Perfetto for both road and MTB riding. The higher speeds of road riding have me putting the low-end of comfort in the mid-to-lower 40’s. For MTB, the upper 30’s remains comfortable.

The Good

  • Excellent weather protection
  • Efficient, race-quality fit
  • GORE Windstopper is pretty amazing stuff
  • Three usable pockets
  • Front zipper pull is spot-on

The Bad

  • Torso vent zippers aren’t as easy-to-reach as the front zipper
  • DWR is so-so (but Windstopper remains protective)

The Bottom Line: Castelli Perfetto Jersey

With classic Castelli fit and function, the Perfetto sets a new standard for foul weather performance. This jersey fits snug and can keep rain at bay for extended periods. When worn with the proper base layers, it can remain comfortable into the low-40’s, thus reducing the need for a thicker jacket in your kit.

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