If you’re on the hunt for modern, stylish and eye-catching kits, DannyShane has them in spades. Up and down the line, each jersey features solid, bock patterns in bold stripes and classic styles. But, beauty is more than skin deep, as I found out with the Rigby Jersey and Shelby Bibs.

DannyShane Rigby Jersey and Shelby Bib Features:

  • Ripstop bamboo white ash (BWA) jersey fabric
  • Three rear pockets with added zippered pocket
  • Silicone waist gripper
  • High odor-resistance and anti-static qualities
  • Bib shorts feature recycled nylon
  • 8-panel bib design
  • 3D-stretch Cytech Carbonio 100-mile chamois
  • Laser-cut leg cuffs
  • MSRP: $129 (Rigby Jersey), $205 (Shelby Bib Shorts)
Danny Shane Rigby Jersey Review

The Rigby Jersey is a nice powder blue color with solid stripes.

Danny Shane Rigby Jersey Review

The rear features three usable pockets and a single zippered stash pocket.

Style and comfort abound

DannyShane founder Shane Hunt learned how to work on a ranch in Texas. That work ethic has allowed him to take his creativity and know-how to every business he’s built. With DannyShane, that means that he’s designing and crafting his bike kits the right way with fabrics built to last and materials that are more environmentally-friendly. He does it because that’s his passion, but he also knows it’s also an important factor for cyclists when searching for new kits.

As mentioned, DannyShane designs are beautiful, modern and timeless. I’ve been testing the Rigby Jersey and Shelby Bib Shorts for both road and mountain bike duty and there’s a ton to offer.

DannyShane Rigby Jersey and Shelby Bib Shorts Review

DannyShane kits aren’t afraid of a little dirt.

Fit is important and I’ll get that taken care of first. I’m typically a medium for a race-like fit and a large for a more comfortable, all-day fit. That’s pretty accurate here as both top and bottom were comfortable in the saddle and for hours after (I may or may not be kitted up as I’m typing this — hours after a ride). But, I did notice that I could have done with a tighter fit on long rides on the road where the excess material reduced aerodynamics.

Of course, the beauty of kit designs are all in the eye of the beholder, but I quite like the baby blue and stripes of the Rigby Jersey — it looks great. And, the classic black bib shorts are just right.

DannyShane Rigby Jersey and Shelby Bib Shorts

Rolling on the road, I did wear the jersey with and without a base layer.

The Rigby Jersey does lack some features that I’ve become accustomed to in jerseys, namely, laser-cut sleeve cuffs. These are simple rolled-over cuffs with no silicone grip. The hem does feature full silicone all the way around to keep things put. Length is at least an inch or two longer than most jerseys I have, so coverage is always there in the saddle.

Danny Shane Shelby Bibs Review

Flatlock seams and a good chamois make these 8-panel shorts sing.

Onto the Shelby Bib Shorts. These feature an 8-panel design for body-hugging fit and compression. Kudos to DannyShane for choosing to use flatlock seams throughout and wide, grippy leg cuffs. The cuffs are three inches in length with elasticity and woven grippy backing that stays put without being overly-grippy — nicely-done.¬†

The bib uppers feature a mesh back and extended-height front for added comfort and moisture management. Mesh straps keep things in place and are comfortable and chaff-free. When it comes time to take a leak on the trail or road, these stretch nicely (hey, it’s important to note).

Moving in/out of the saddle, the crotch did tend to catch a bit. I think that would be minimized if I had gone with a medium instead of large. Additionally, the¬†Cytech’s 100 mile-rated Carbonio chamois used here is good, but not class-leading in terms of all-day comfort. It does feature smooth, multi-density design with a central cutout that has turned out to be a solid performer, but I still reference Garneau’s top-end chamois as the best on the market.

Note: I’m 5′ 11″ and 170 lbs and wore the size large jersey and bib shorts.

The Good

  • Love the variety of eye-catching designs
  • Thoughtful, environmentally-conscious fabrics
  • Bib shorts feature flatlock seams for comfort
  • Jerseys are cut long for added coverage
  • Pockets are easy-to-access
  • Laser-cut leg cuffs are spot-on

The Bad

  • Sleeves should be laser-cut
  • Bibs got caught on my saddle (might be fixed if I sized down)

The Bottom Line: DannyShane Rigby Jersey & Shelby Bib Shorts

Rolling billboards are not my idea of a classy look and thankfully, DannyShane has a variety of jerseys — including the Rigby — that raise the bar on style while still being performance-oriented. The Shelby Bib Shorts offer an excellent fit and comfort with a good chamois for long rides.

Buy Now: Available at DannyShane.com


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