Yeah, yeah. Gravel is everywhere. And, gravel riding is getting radder and radder these days as well. With more and more riders venturing onto logging roads, singletrack and other technical terrain accessible during their local group ride, the variety of treads are following suit.

WTB took their 37/45 Riddler and made it “Radder” by building up both center and side knobs and reducing the center knob spacing. The Raddler 40/44 results in a wide tire that’s suitable for all-road use, but with mountain bike capability at heart.

In the words of WTB, this is what they say about the tread pattern:

“The new tread pattern features an increase in knob height and spacing across the entire tread, while even more height has been added to the outer knobs in an effort to improve cornering traction in loose terrain. The long-term durability of the original Riddler tread pattern has also been improved by increasing the surface area of all center and intermediate blocks.”

WTB Raddler Tire

The Riddler just got Raddler.

WTB Raddler Tire

Taller center knobs are narrowly-spaced for road efficiency.

WTB Raddler Tire

Available in 40 or 44mm widths, the Raddler is built for aggressive riding.

This new tire is available immediately and sits inline with WTB’s $59.95 pricing for all drop-bar tires in their line. Look for the Raddler’s in both black and tan sidewalls. Sadly, there is no 650b option at this time. 

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All photos courtesy WTB. 

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