Buying gifts for men isn’t easy. Inquiries are met with surly grunts and closet tie racks are already overflowing. In almost all cases it’s best to strip away the fluff and get back to basics – like, really basic. I’m talking leather, wood, metal. Gifts that include these time-honored pillars of manliness are sure to please.

Leather boots lead the way:

Gifts for Men

Leather boots from Olukai make a great gift that will last.

Olukai might not be a household name but their leather boots are durable and stylish. Their Pahoa is a chukka-style boot that features a two-tone leather aesthetic and a sturdy, welted sole that promises years of use and the potential for painless repair. I’ve work a pair of Pahoas around Spokane’s remarkably wet October and November weather, not to mention the December snow storms. The boots shine in slush and sleet, proving remarkably waterproof simply by virtue of their tight construction. They’re also roomy enough to accommodate some good thick socks too.

The boots come with a bonus, too. Olukai is committed to sustaining Hawaiian culture even as they spread the spirit of aloha across the world. Purchases from Olukai directly contribute to work that sustains the culture and environment of Hawaii. Find out more about that here.

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What’s that smell – the mountains?

Gifts for Men

Scents from Journeymen caught are eye for their simplicity and green chemistry.

Axe body spray had a tremendous vogue when I was in middle school, and I still have traumatic flashbacks to walking through clouds of the stuff in locker rooms while feeling the acid bite into my throat as I breathed. You might be living through the same thing with a teenager under your roof. While we can’t get rid of those memories, we can soothe our inflamed nasal passages with refined, all-natural fragrances from Journeymen. The scent is a mix of smoke and cypress – the sort of citrusy smell that you get from crushed pine needles or, well, cyprus. What’s more, the products lead the industry in avoiding aluminum additives in its fragrances This is a gift that truly gives back to everyone around, including the environment.

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Timberland – classic style for classy men

Timberland is the quintessential fall- and wintertime brand. Cozy shirts, warm boots and big jackets are the brand’s specialty. The Lovewell Mountain Quilted Shirt-Jacket is a trim, stylish layer to add for cold nights out on the town. I appreciate the use of snap closures throughout the jacket for simplicity, supplemented by a small zippered breast pocket inside. Timberland’s classic style is evident in spades and the jacket’s trim fit helps it succeed either as an outer layer or beneath another jacket. The synthetic insulation will keep you warm even if you get rained on. Note that there’s no DWR coating so considering doing that yourself.

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