Ever since I first used a hydration pack a long time ago, I’ve been a loyal user. A ride on the MTB feels off when I head out without a pack. I like to be prepared with enough water, repair gear, a snack, and layers. But…lately sweaty back has been chipping away at my feelings about using a pack. When presented with the opportunity to test out the Henty Enduro 2.0 Pack, I jumped on the chance! A pack with the promise of reduced sweaty back? I had to see it for myself.

Henty Enduro 2.0 Hydration Pack Features:

  • Materials: 500D Cordura Nylon, Molle Webbing
  • Volume: 5 Liters
  • Lumbar (including hips and kidney) impact protection
  • Moulded foam for improved ventilation
  • Compatible with most Hydration bladders up to 3L
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Plenty of pockets with padded zip pocket for phone storage
  • Hydration hose routing options on both sides
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Price: $99.99
Henty Enduro 2.0 Pack Review

Fully packed and riding smooth in Southern UT.

Enduro-friendly hydration pack

With Enduro riding becoming more popular, more and more “enduro” packs are hitting the market. I’d never been sold, the thought of a hip pack bouncing around didn’t suit my fancy. Seeing the Henty Enduro 2.0 Pack hit the sweet spot between hip pack and backpack got me excited.

My biggest question was “will this solve sweaty back”? To cut to the chase, it comes pretty close! The shoulder straps and back panel are made of thin mesh which let’s your back breathe and a breeze blow through. I put it through the paces on long fall rides and warm spring temps in Southern Utah and was impressed with the results. My back wasn’t soggy! There is one caveat: Henty includes a zippered pocket on the backpanel. I like to store my emergency shell there if weather looks iffy. That will produce some sweaty back but not near what you get with a full backpack. Without that layer in, it stays reasonably dry.

I anticipated that the mesh shoulder straps might prove to be uncomfortable carrying weight and dig into my shoulders. Making sure that the straps are spread open and that your load is reasonable solved this concern for me. Side benefit, the straps are extremely breathable.

Henty Enduro 2.0 fully packed and ready to ride.

Pockets galore

All of the pockets and organization allow you to fit quite a lot of gear in such a small package. Henty worked in 7 zippered pockets, two elastic pockets, elastic straps, and Molle webbing to tackle your gear organization.

Here’s a run down of everything I was able to fit into the pack with a little room to spare (I went overboard to see what was possible): 3L of water, emergency shell, CO2 inflator with two canisters, quick patches, two multitools, tire levers, mini pump, two 27.5+ tubes, phone, two lights, snacks, and a GorillaPod with a phone attachment. I didn’t use any of the Molle straps and the only elastic straps I used were the pump straps. Fitting two 27.5+ tubes does take up a lot of space and stretches the two elastic pockets to their max (what? I like to be prepared).

Mesh pockets keep your tools organized and easy to find.

The hip pockets are nice and accessible, however, their placement is right around your hips (at least they are for me) as opposed to in front of your hips. So if you try to put anything too long or bulky in them they will constrict as they bend around your waist. Best to keep small or flexible items in these pockets.

I’m also not sold on the phone pocket. It sits behind the bladder pocket, against your back, which means if the bladder punctures or leaks, your phone is likely getting wet. It’s also a tough location to get to during your ride whether your grabbing pics/video or checking your route. However, it does mean your phone is protected if you wreck.

Edit: Henty has just released a new accessory pack that includes a phone pocket that fits onto the shoulder strap and a handful of velcro straps for securing gear on the outside of the pack and shoulder straps. Word on the street is you can use one of those straps and phone pocket to secure your phone to the shoulder straps.

That’s a lot of gear and a lot of weight! Which begs the question…

Hydration pocket and maxed out tube pockets.

How did the Henty Enduro 2.0 ride?

I was expecting a lot of bouncing from the pack, especially on descents or on rocky terrain. I ride a hardtail so I also expected the bounce to be more pronounced. I have to say, I haven’t noticed any excessive bouncing. Two factors prevent this. First, it rides low on your center of gravity. Second, the shoulder straps help keep the bounce in check.

Overall, between the low bounce and low sweaty back the Enduro 2.0 rides extremely well.

Hose retention includes a couple of elastic loops.


I drink a lot of water and I don’t like to get thirsty. So, I like to carry 3L with me. I’m amazed that Henty was able to fit a 3L reservoir in the Enduro 2.0! It is paired with a HydraPak 3L compact reservoir and hose. The reservoir is stout so I expect leakage to be low. The whole package is easy to get out, fill (or clean) and get back into the pack, even when fully loaded. They included hose routing up either the right or left side, which is nice. I would have liked to see better hose retention on the drinking end. As is, it flops around a lot. You can cut the tube down to reduce the flop. Personally, I’m a fan of having a clip on the shoulder strap to keep it in place.

HydraPak 3L Compact bladder will keep you hydrated.

Got protection? Lumbar and kidney protection that is…

The one feature that I didn’t test out is the lumbar protection. The Enduro 2.0 is built with impact protection for your lower back and kidneys. I haven’t gone over the bars yet with the Enduro (thankfully) so I’m going to trust that it works.

The Good

  • No sweaty back!
  • A lot of room and features in such a small package
  • Fits a 3L reservoir
  • Minimal bouncing on rough terrain
  • Breathable and comfortable straps

The Bad

  • Hip pockets can be constrictive
  • Phone pocket will likely get soaked if the bladder leaks
  • Hose flops around a bit

Bottom Line: Henty Enduro 2.0 Pack

Say sayonara to sweaty back with the Henty Enduro 2.0. It’s a small package that packs a big gear and hydration punch. It walks that line between hydration pack and hip pack well and allows me to carry a fair bit of stuff on long adventures.

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