I’m enamored with some of my favorite long-sleeve running shirts. It’s always nice to head out on a chilly day and know that it’s going to provide just enough warmth but still breathe. Hoka One One’s new Performance Long Sleeve Shirt is built with Polartec Power Dry fabric and aims to be that perfect long-sleeve shirt for all athletic pursuits.

Hoka One One Performance Long Sleeve Shirt Features:

  • Wide, round collar
  • Drop hem design for added coverage
  • Polartec Power Dry fabric
  • 57-83% post-consumer content
  • Heavier weight body/back with lighter sleeve material
  • Standard fit
  • Weight: 115 grams (medium, actual)
  • MSRP: $62.00
Hoka One One Performance Long Sleeve Shirt Review

The standard cut provides ample sleeve and hem lengths.

Polartec-infused long sleeve running shirt

While Hoka One One is more famous for their maximalist running shoes, their new apparel line is getting extra looks for its performance and versatility. The goal was to make apparel that would work across all disciplines of running and fitness and their choice was to partner with Polartec and use their Power Dry fabrics. Power Dry is one of the premiere performance fabrics on the market today and has a ton of technology baked into it.

The Performance Long Sleeve Shirt uses a combination of both standard flat (front/back) and grid Power Dry fabrics (sleeves/shoulders) for body mapped performance. Power Dry fabric may look ordinary, but it’s bi-woven with wicking fibers next-to-skin and fast-drying fibers on the outside. The result is a shirt that’s ultra-comfortable and offers wicking capabilities beyond what you’d expect from comparable shirts.

The Hoka One One Performance Long Sleeve shirt is ultra lightweight, so don’t expect a ton of thermal qualities, but it does provide excellent coverage for added warmth as a base layer or outer layer — depending on temperatures. Primarily, I’ve been using it as a base layer for trail running and long morning walks with the dog. Mostly, I’ve worn it under either the Mountain Hardwear Kor Strata Hoody or the Patagonia Nano Puff — each were good combinations.

Patagonia Nano Puff and Hoka One One Performance Long Sleeve Review

You can’t see it, but the Performance Long Sleeve is under there.

Fit is something that I’ll call out on the Performance Long Sleeve, as it’s a little unspecific. Again, Hoka One One wanted to deliver performance apparel that would work across disciplines, but, for most people, Hoka is running. With that, their shirts better darn well function for running on the road and trails.

Firstly, you’ll notice the wide, unstructured collar. Without question, it lies smooth and comfortable, but does look a bit awkward. Also, the cut of the body is very generous. Now, I don’t want everything to fit sausage-tight, but I think the size medium should fit my 5’11” – 170 lb. body a little better. With all that natural stretch, it would be better for a more athletic fit. I love that it features a drop hem and long enough sleeves for proper coverage, but the body could be tighter.

After a morning trail run in 30-degree weather, I would return home and get on with the day (breakfast, Zoom meetings, etc.) and keep the shirt on. The back panel would be saturated at this point and freezing cold to the touch. With that, I found myself doing all I could to keep my back from touching the cold fabric until it dried (which didn’t take too long). If the shirt had a little tighter fit, the temperature of my skin and the fabric would remain the same and I wouldn’t notice it.

While Hoka succeeded in delivering a performance layer, I don’t think they quite hit the mark as a dedicated running shirt. It would need to have a more athletic fit for that. As an all-around athletic shirt, it’s great with the exception of that wide collar (which functions well, but just looks a bit goofy, in my opinion).

Fit: I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs. The size medium was a great fit with long enough sleeves and proper hem length.  

The Good

  • Polartec Power Dry fabric dries in a jiffy
  • Super comfortable next-to-skin
  • Great sleeve length and drop hem for coverage
  • Great as a base layer in cold weather
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent odor resistance (can wear several times0

The Bad

  • Body fit could be more athletic
  • That wide collar is a little awkward for a men’s shirt

The Bottom Line: Hoka One One Performance Long Sleeve

Hoka One One’s choice to partner with Polartec was a great one. Power Dry fabric offers excellent wicking performance in a lightweight, comfortable knit. It works well as a base layer for cold temperatures or as an outer layer on cool days. I love the sleeve and hem lengths, but the body should have a more athletic fit and the collar could have a smaller diameter.

Buy Now: Available from HokaOneOne.com



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