Lizard Skins is no stranger to creating optimal contact points on a bike. They have been doing it for years and their extensive glove line is further proof of their continued progress. The Aramus GC Gloves are their premier road gloves and it shows — not much more you could ask for in an all-day pair of gloves.

Lizard Skins Aramus GC Gloves Features:

  • Adjustable TPR strap
  • Gel inserts on palm and finger pads
  • Finger pulls for easy removal
  • Perforated AX suede palm
  • Thumb wipe
  • Colors: Titanium, Jet Black + Electric Blue. Crimson, Jet Black + Neon (tested)
  • MSRP: $29.99
Lizard Skins Aramus GC Gloves Review

Added coverage and good bar feel highlight the Aramus GC Gloves.

New glove day is always a good day

Do yourself a favor and pick up a new pair of gloves every season. You may not know it, but the once-squishy gel and grippy palms are past their prime. I let my favorite pair of gloves get a little long in the tooth, so the Aramus GC’s came just in time.

As short-finger gloves go, these are well-appointed. Fit is true-to-size with the size large being just perfect. Something that is unique about these gloves is they do feel just a touch longer in the fingers and cuff for a little more coverage than most road gloves I’ve worn. That adds to the secure feel but can feel a little clunky at first, but it didn’t take much time for that to dissipate.

BMC RoadMachine 01 Review / Lizard Skins Aramus GC

The Lizard Skins Aramus GC Gloves are great gloves for racking up the miles.

The build quality of the Aramus GC is excellent with solid, tight stitching and good materials throughout. Most importantly, on the bike they provide excellent feel and don’t get in the way as I’m dancing around the bars. I’ve used them with a variety of bars and tape and performance remained consistent across them all.

One great feature here are the finger pulls, which make removal a breeze. I never thought I’d appreciate them as much as I do. The only drawback is you can feel the extra fabric loops between your fingers. It does get a little annoying at times (more at first), but you get used to it.

Lizard Skins Aramus GC Gloves Review

The finger pulls come in handy, but are noticeable between fingers.

Breathability is excellent and they have proven durable thus far. The gel inserts are just the right thickness so as not to get in the way of bar feel. If you are a purist and like unpadded gloves, these may be a little much, but I consider the padding to be just right.

The Good

  • Great balance of bar feel and comfort
  • Excellent materials
  • Finger pulls are nice
  • A little extra coverage — just in case
  • Don’t get in the way of bar feel

The Bad

  • You do feel the finger pulls between your fingers

The Bottom Line: Lizard Skins Aramus GC Gloves

The Aramus GC strikes an excellent balance between comfort and bar feel. These have been great companions on long rides and don’t ever get in the way as I dance around the bars.

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