Since when did riding gravel turn into a tea and crumpets affair? Well, for some reason, many “gravel” kits feature collared shirts and upscale designs. Hey, if rugby players still wear collared shirts, I guess gravel riders can too. With that in mind, Mavic’s new Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts have been taken on several proper gravel rides to shake things out.

Mavic Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts Features:

  • Merino-blend jersey
  • Three rear pockets with single zippered pocket
  • Jersey features regular fit
  • Three-button collar and zippered chest pocket
  • Semi-fitted baggy shorts
  • DWR finish on shorts for increased versatility
  • Trail Tech ST woven fabric with mechanical stretch
  • Single leg pocket, hand pockets and rear pocket
  • MSRP: $150 (jersey), $120 (shorts)
Mavic Allroad Jersey Review

The Allroad Jersey features Merino wool blend and upscale styling.

Mavic Allroad Fitted Baggy Shorts Review

The Mavic Allroad Fitted Baggy Shorts offer great mechanical stretch in the saddle.

Allroad kit looks great on and off the bike

One morning, I kitted up with the Mavic Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts, tapped my wife on the arm and kissed her goodbye. It was early in the morning so she wasn’t fully-awake yet, but she asked, “Why are you dressed up? Are you going to church?” I laughed, then realized just how upscale and nice-looking this kit was. So, yes, I did go to the Gravel Church that morning in my best suit.

The Allroad kit is nothing short of premium. The materials and finish is impeccable. I’ve seen my fair share of high-end threads and this one is primo. Gravel kits are made to be versatile — good for bikepacking or other adventures where ample time is spent on and off the bike. While I don’t think church was an intended off-bike activity, it’s an option.

In spite of more casual looks, the Allroad Jersey still features three jersey pockets with a zippered stash pocket. No matter when, where or how I ride, I need my jersey to be versatile and able to carry food, my phone and other essentials along the way. While the Allroad Jersey does have nicely-sized pockets, they do tend to bounce around on rough terrain. It’s not the fault of the pockets, however, as the fit isn’t as snug as a typical jersey. But, the minor pocket jiggle only came into play on the roughest of terrain, so it wasn’t all the time.

Mavic Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts

The Allroad kit feels great for long days in the saddle.

With a button-up collar for venting, it’s easy to pop it open to allow cool air to enter, but it’s a touch more difficult to re-button it. And, if you hit high-speed descents, that open collar will flap around like a flag in the wind. I absolutely love the Merino wool blend on the body of the jersey — it’s my fav. Breathability is helped by laser-cut holes in the underarms as well.

The shorts are rightly called fitted baggy, but most of the time this fit is called “semi-fitted.” There’s ample mechanical stretch in the fabric so as not to inhibit movement on the bike (or off the bike for that matter). Pedaling in the road position is where these work best. Unfortunately, walking around and on a mountain bike, the left leg cuff digs into the back of my thigh. The laser-cut edge is a little rough and scratches my leg.

Mavic Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts

The dark colors look great, but get a touch hot in the middle of the day.

The pocket in the right thigh is great for carrying a smartphone and doesn’t get in the way while pedaling.

No, these do not include a liner so you’ll have to provide your own. I wore them with a standalone Patagonia Dirt Craft liner and a pair of Gore Bike Wear bib shorts. Either option worked great and, surprisingly, the crotch was fitted properly so as to never get caught on the saddle as I moved fore/aft and in/out of the saddle. Nicely-done finding the proper balance between baggy and fitted.

The Good

  • Ultra-premium styling details
  • Merino wool is bonkers
  • Shorts feature DWR for added protection
  • Great stretch in the shorts for unencumbered pedaling
  • Comfortable on/off the bike
  • Bring your own favorite liner or bib shorts

The Bad

  • Rear pockets bounce around when loaded
  • Left leg cuff was scratchy
  • Does yield a touch in the aerodynamics department

The Bottom Line: Mavic Allroad Jersey & Fitted Baggy Shorts

What an age we live in, right? Gravel kits to go along with our premium gravel bikes? Yeah, you can be skeptical, but Mavic has done their homework and the Allroad Jersey and Fitted Baggy Shorts are highly-functional and great-looking on/off the bike.

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