Mavic has long held onto a traditional, narrow-width rim profile. But, for 2016 things changed with the French brand, starting with the Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad Wheelset. These hoops are their take on a do-it-all wheelset that can handle gravel and cyclocross abuse while still remaining fast and responsive on the road.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad Wheelset Features:

  • All-around adventure wheelset built specifically for disc brakes
  • Rims use Maxtal alloy material
  • Tubeless-ready design out-of-the-box
  • Instant Drive 360 freewheel (9-deg engagement)
  • Interchangeable axle system for quick-release or thru axles
  • Available in Centerlock or 6-bolt designs
  • Available with Yksion 28/30c tires (28c tested)
  • 19mm Internal width
  • 26mm rim height
  • Weight: 1620 grams (stated)
  • MSRP: $1249.90
Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad Wheelset Review

Love the unified look of Mavic wheels/tires and the Allroads look great.

Tackle all roads with the Allroads

These days, the reality of a one-bike-quiver isn’t a pipe dream. With a variety of road/gravel bikes that boast on-road prowess with off-road utility, ears are perking up and credit cards are swiping. Nobody has bottomless bank accounts and the current gravel bike trend will likely become just a regular road bike for anyone not racing crits or stage races.

Honestly, there are some amazing bikes on the market that exemplify the current wave we’re riding, like the BMC Roadmachine, Trek Domane SLR Disc, 3T Exploro and Specialized Roubaix. Each one of those bikes would be an excellent match for the Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad wheelset. I’ve had them aboard the Domane SLR Disc for several months and it’s hard to imagine a more well-suited wheelset for the money.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad Review

That stealthy look not only looks great, but performs well too.

Out of the box, Mavic delivers a full wheelset system that includes tubes and tires. It’s pretty awesome to get the full kaboodle all at once. The Mavic logos always match up and the unified look is distinctively Mavic. The wide, aero straight-pull Zicral spokes and proprietary hub do look amazing, but may give purists heartburn (for the record, I’ve had zero issues with any Mavic wheelset I’ve tested).

All the proper endcaps are included to get these wheels on your bike. For the Domane, I needed 12mm front/rear and proceeded to make that switch. Every manufacturer has their own way of accommodating the various axle standards, but these endcaps proved to be some of the most difficult to seat properly. I had to resort to careful manipulation with the universal tool (hammer) to get the rear endcaps seated. And, once in place I hope to never need to change them.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Allroad Front Hub

Front hub features direct-pull bladed spokes in 24/2x pattern.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Allroad Rear Hub

24 spokes in Isopulse pattern (2x and radial combo).

At 19mm internal width, the Allroad wheels are right in the middle of current rim widths. There are a few that are wider and many narrower so 19mm is still a solid, versatile width. At that width, Mavic recommends these with 28-42mm tires, which is great news for gravel bikes.

My test set came equipped with Mavic Yksion Elite Guard 28c tires which have held up nicely. They are grippy in all conditions and have been flat-free throughout my testing while running between 80-95 psi. These particular tires are not UST-compatible, but the 30c tires are.

The Allroads do an acceptable job of getting up-to-speed when pushed. They simply aren’t built like a responsive carbon clincher, so I don’t expect them to be zippy, but they do respond and deliver predictable acceleration. Stiffness is excellent with zero noticeable deflection under standing efforts. Overall tracking is also solid when carving through twisty mountain descents. And, at 26mm deep, these are essentially unaffected by crosswinds.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Allroad Wheelset

The Allroads take a little longer to wind up, but are super-versatile.

On the dirt and gravel, the Allroad’s have proven themselves quite capable and durable. The finish remains impeccable despite a spate of gravel, dirt and grime. The bronze-colored Ksyrium logos are really quite snappy if you ask me.

Rolling efficiency is good here as these rolled out at the higher end of my standard roll-to-stop test, which consists of coasting down the driveway and rolling until coming to a stop. I do the same process with all wheels and these hold their own.

With the extra width, you can comfortably run lower pressures and with tubeless, you can go even lower. Just find the right combination of wide, tubeless tires and these will do the trick. Unfortunately, none of my current crop of tires are tubeless, but should you go that route, everything is included to do so.

The Good

  • Comes with tires as a complete system for a unified look
  • Versatile 19mm width can accommodate larger tires
  • Lateral stiffness and responsiveness is excellent
  • Tubeless-ready
  • Love the looks of the wide, bladed spokes
  • Unfazed by crosswinds
  • Centerlock rotors for the win

The Bad

  • A bit expensive for alloy wheels
  • Those endcaps were a beast to install (142×12 especially)
  • Not the fastest in an all-out sprint

The Bottom Line: Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad

Mavic wheelsets are some of the most well-known wheels on the market and it’s great to see them step into the all road market with an appropriately-named and appropriately-performing set of wheels. The Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad wheels have been trusty under a variety of roads and conditions and I foresee them soldiering on for many miles to come.

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In Summary

8.5 All Road Charmers

Today's road bikes are venturing more and more into gravel territory and the new Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc Allroad is a versatile do-it-all wheelset. If you're riding road, cyclocross and gravel, these are solid performers with excellent lateral rigidity and smooth rolling hubs.

  • Lateral Stiffness 9
  • Responsiveness 7
  • Durability 9
  • Braking 10
  • Aerodynamics 8
  • Ride Quality 8

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