When temperatures dip, it’s great having a few long-sleeve jerseys available in the kiddy. If you’ve got thermal long-sleeve jerseys covered, what about just for cool temps or varying conditions? That’s just the intent of the Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS — it’s lightweight, breathable and takes the edge off when temps dip.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS Features:

  • Three jersey pockets with center zipped sleeve
  • Slightly taller collar
  • Combo of Air Mesh, Ride Wick ST and Ride Wick Carbon materials
  • Delivers breathability and a touch of added warmth
  • Unidirectional mesh back for pocket support
  • Elastic hem
  • Ergo body fit
  • MSRP: $129
Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS Jersey Review

With a combination of breathable fabrics, the Ksyrium Pro LS is a cool-weather friend.

Ksyrium Pro LS takes the edge off

You can’t deny the versatility offered by arm warmers — everyone should have them. But, I’d also submit that long-sleeve jerseys are equally-necessary (in a variety of flavors). The Mavic Ksyrium Pro Long Sleeve jersey is built with a smart mixture of fabrics to deliver added warmth without sacrificing breathability.

Pulling this one on is a lesson in European sizing. I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs. and to call this a “regular fit” is a little misleading (unless you’re familiar with Euro sizing). The size large fits just right without turning me into a sausage. Length is great and it works well with any number of bib shorts or tights I’ve got in the closet.

I’m not finding any excess material anywhere, nor is there anything constricting my movements on the road or dirt. It’s all free-flowing and fluid without fighting the material, so well-done guys.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS Jersey Review

The Ksyrium Pro LS is quite at home on cool days on the road (err… gravel).

As mentioned, this jersey features a mixture of three different fabrics that all work together to provide both compression and warmth. Truthfully, the abundance of mesh fabric here does limit the temperature range — even when worn underneath a more substantial outer layer. All seams are traditional in nature instead of being flatlock-style.

The three jersey pockets are actually rather small, so don’t count on holding much above a few gels, a phone and a light wind jacket. It does have a zippered sleeve on the outside of the middle pocket, but it doesn’t offer any water-resistance.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS Jersey Review

Cool-weather MTB duty has met its match.

I found it curious that Mavic chose to include a thick, old-school elastic hem. The thick elastic hem doesn’t have any silicone grip on it to keep it in place, and, as a result it doesn’t stay in place so well. In fact, pocket contents can actually find themselves slipping between the cuff and bibs. I haven’t had that happen in years.

I’ve appreciated the simple, straight rubber zipper pull. It was easily-grabbed to both zip up or down. The collar height is great to keep in a touch more warmth.

Temperature range for this jersey is about 50-70 degrees. It can be extended down with a base layer, vest and a light jacket. Beyond 70-degrees, this one actually does quite well and is a great option for cool mornings yet it won’t turn into a sweatbag as temps rise.

The Good

  • Breathable combination of fabrics
  • Snug fit for efficiency
  • Good for both road and MTB
  • Extended collar height adds warmth
  • Zipper pull makes for easy zip up/down
  • Dries quickly

The Bad

  • Old-school elastic hem
  • Hard to keep the white fabric from absorbing other colors in the wash
  • Jersey pockets are small

The Bottom Line: Mavic Ksyrium Pro LS Jersey

In the spectrum of long-sleeve jerseys, this one is well-suited to just taking the edge off of cool mornings. It doesn’t have much in the way of thermal properties, so it will still wear well when temperatures head north of 70-degrees. On the other end, you’ll want to have a vest handy once things dip into the 50’s.

Buy Now: Available at Mavic.com

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