Yes, it’s summer, but some of us still like longer shorts for big mileage days.  Merrell’s Resister shorts help you cover your legs, cover the miles, and keep you comfortable along the way.

Merrell Resister Shorts Features:

  • Body fabric: 100% polyester
  • Lining: Interior crepe brief
  • M Select Wick moisture wicking technology
  • M Select Dry water resistance
  • Lightweight stretch woven polyester for range of motion
  • Elastic waistband with internal drawstring
  • Internal lining key pocket
  • Dual side hand pockets
  • Mesh side panels
  • 9” inseam
  • Two color options
  • MSRP $40.00

merrell resister running shorts review

Merrell Resister Not-so-short Running Shorts

For taller runners or those who like more sun protection on the trail, 9” inseam shorts are a blessing.  The problem is, sometimes that extra fabric can become hot, uncomfortable, or saturated on multi-hour outings.

Thankfully, Merrell’s Resister shorts haven’t presented any such issues over high-volume use this summer.  I’ve logged almost 150 miles in my pair, including a handful of 20-to-25 milers in conditions ranging from cool to hot and humid.  They wear very comfortably on long training days, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for ultramarathons in the future.

Merrell resister front panel

Thin stretch fabric on main panels

Like any longer shorts, the Resisters are a bit heavier than shorter inseam pairs; there’s no official spec listed from Merrell, but my pair weighs in around 5.5 oz.  However, the main panel fabric is quite thin and soft against the skin, and the M Select moisture management technology is effective at keeping the shorts cool and comfortable.  I’ve been caught in a couple of light downpours, and it doesn’t take very long for the panels to dry after the rain stops.  On very humid days the fabric around the brief will feel more saturated than the leg panels, but not to the point of feeling excessively heavy – and I haven’t experienced any problems with irritation or chafing on hot and humid days.

Dual side hand pockets allow you to carry gels or a folded up map, but there’s no way to secure the pockets closed.  They are deep enough that your items probably won’t fall out, but having a gel pack bounce against your thigh for several hours isn’t always pleasant.  A recommended addition would be a secure pocket somewhere at waist level to carry small cargo without relying on the hand pockets.

Merrell resister shorts back

No, they’re not on backwards …

One oddity about these shorts is that there’s a logo on both the front and back of the lower legs – and the one on the back side is actually more prominent than the brand name on the front.  More than once I’ve been asked if I have my pants on backwards by someone who sees the logo on the back right leg and assumes that I was a bit absent-minded.  (Not a totally unfounded suspicion, for what it’s worth.)

The Good:

  • Long coverage
  • Comfortable on long days in varied conditions
  • Durability appears strong thus far

The Bad:

  • Pocket storage could be improved
  • The logo thing … if that’s an issue for you.

Bottom Line:  Merrell Resister Shorts

Long on coverage as well as comfort, Merrell’s Resister shorts make it easy to enjoy high mileage trail days in a variety of weather conditions.

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