The folks at MINT are pretty stoked on their socks. These unique designs are limited to a single-run before they are relegated to the history books. I’ve been riding the Chutney design for several months and they are definitely worth a look in the sea of cycling socks.

MINT Socks Features:

  • Unique, mid-century designs
  • Limited to a single run of each design
  • $1 is donated to NICA for each pair sold
  • Gentle wash, line dry
  • 6-7″ cuffs
  • Made in Italy
  • MSRP: $20
MINT Chutney Socks

The Chutney is one of many limited-edition designs from MINT socks.

MINT(ed) in Italy, with love

The MINT Chutney socks have been my go-to this spring with the Shimano XC5 gravel shoes. Those shoes aren’t the most breathable designs, so the thin MINT socks were an instant choice. While MINT makes a wide variety of sock styles, each is unique and sold only once. The Chutney features a complex criss-cross pattern on the cuff, which adds to the compression. I was warned that they were very compression-like, and they are.

Open UPPER and MINT Chutney Socks

A little Rocky Mountain gravel and some MINT socks.

With that added cuff compression, they are a little difficult to put on or take off, but not terribly-so. I’ve definitely had more challenging socks to pull on or take off. I’ve loved how well they stay up — even after a long gravel ride.

Construction quality is superb and these have withstood repeated use without washing. Yeah, I know, say what you want, but I tend to wear a pair of socks several times before washing. I’m blessed with non-stinky feet and these remain fresh through 8-10 good rides.

The MINT Chutney Socks

The Chutney’s stay put — even after the longest of rides.

While they do call for line drying, with a family of six, that’s not a guarantee. Heck, that’s another good reason to go more uses before washing. Do keep in mind that with some of the intricate designs, like the Chutney, the inside of the cuff looks like a giant fur ball. Keep those toenails short and tuck in your toes to keep from pulling a loop.

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