Running in pants isn’t always anyone’s favorite choice. Knowing that, Patagonia put some thought and design expertise into their new Strider Pro Pants that are part of their High Endurance Kit for alpine trail running. As it turns out, running in these lightweight pants isn’t so bad after all.

Patagonia Strider Pro Pants Features:

  • 100% recycled ripstop polyester
  • Snap closure legs
  • Drawstring waistband
  • Interior stuff/phone storage pocket
  • Fair trade certified
  • MSRP: $129
Patagonia Strider Pro Pants Review

A 45-degree morning in early June and the Strider Pro’s came in handy.

Lightweight warmth and comfort

Tights are more the flavor du jour for cold-weather trail running. But, what about when inclement weather rolls in unexpectedly? Or, what about those early-morning starts before the sun rises that roll into a warm, sunny morning? Both instances are just what the Patagonia Strider Pro Pants are made for. Easy-on and easy-off, when needed, with just enough protection to keep you going.

The fit of the Strider Pro Pants is efficient and streamlined, but not snug. I’m 5’11”, 170 lbs and have a 33″ waist — the size medium fit me perfectly in all aspects. The comfortable waistband keeps everything sorted and in place for hiking, running and general meandering. Speaking of that, it’s great to have the drawstrings on the outside of the waistband, so nicely-done on that decision. With that, it’s easy to cinch or release the waist.

Patagonia Strider Pro Inner Stash Pocket

That stash pocket can hold the pants, a phone or a couple of gels.

The Strider Pro Pants are made for efficient running and don’t have any frills or extra pockets. There is a stash pocket that actually doubles as a phone pocket, in a pinch. Certainly, the back hip placement of the pocket was intentional because my iPhone SE slips in there and stays in place and comfortable while running. Of course, you can stuff the pants into the pocket for storage. Storing them in the pass-through pocket of the Patagonia Sloper Runner Endurance Vest is easily done.

Thankfully, these unlined pants feature a DWR to keep morning mist and dew at bay. A full-on downpour would overwhelm them, but if you’re actively running, there’s not a ton of area for rain to hit, other than the tops of your thighs and knees. That said, if your knees get damp, they do tend to snag a little with every stride. It’s a small trade off for added warmth and protection in the rain.

Patagonia Strider Pro Pants DWR

Water beads right up on the surface of the Strider Pro Pants.

I really appreciate how lightweight these are. The protection-to-weight ratio is outstanding as it feels like you’re wearing nothing. I’d put these in a similar category to the Patagonia Airshed Pro Pullover in that you can put them on and leave them on in delightful comfort. The added stretch of the inner-leg panels makes running even more comfortable.

With a 4-snap closure on each lower leg, it’s easy to open things up and put them on or take them off while wearing shoes. Don’t go doing the NBA-style pull-to-open with these though. You’ll want to take a little time and care to unsnap them each time. And, if you wear calf-length socks, you’ll likely have to unsnap the lowest couple to pull them up.

Fit: On my 5’11”, 170 lb. body, the size medium pants fit perfectly on my 33″ waist.

The Good

  • Lightweight protection to keep your legs warm
  • Great for cold summer starts in the mountains or sudden storms
  • DWR does a great job of keeping most rain at bay
  • Easily-stashed in a pinch
  • Stash pocket carries a phone — even for running
  • Lets open wide enough to put on and take off with shoes on

The Bad

  • Snaps require extra care to pop open
  • Rear does pull down a little when squatting (plumber anyone?)
  • Don’t expect a ton of warmth when temps drop into the 30’s (brrrr)

The Bottom Line: Patagonia Strider Pro

Lightweight protection on cold mornings, evenings or sudden storms is just what the Strider Pro’s are made for. Stash these away in a vest or pack and deploy as needed for added comfort on your next mountain run.

Buy Now: Available from Patagonia

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