A few months back, I was given the opportunity to test out a Maloja jersey treated with Polygiene under the guise that I would wear it multiple times and see how it fared… err, smelled. So, because science, I was in. The test went as follows.

  • Compare the Maloja Polygiene jersey to any untreated jersey in my collection
  • Ride each one three times on a 30-minute indoor training session (Side note: I sweat a lot on the indoor bike)
  • Let the jerseys dry and see how they smell
  • Let them hang for about a month, then see how they smell
  • Determine the winner
Maloja Polygiene Jersey Stink Test

The stink test was on. Polygiene versus the other guy.

Maloja Jersey With Polygiene

Maloja is a German athletic apparel company known for their unique designs. They have lifestyle, cycling, running and athletic wear. The Polygiene jersey I tested isn’t in the line, but it most resembles the Jotam 1/2 (which has Polygiene, like most of the Maloja line).

Again, I wore this one on three intense training sessions — after each one, the jersey was pretty much soaked with sweat.

Maloja Jersey with Polygiene

The Maloja Polygiene jersey stayed less stinky over time.

DNA Jersey Without Polygiene

The DNA jersey tested featured pretty standard polyester mesh fabric. It too was worn on three intense training sessions.

Standard DNA Polyester Bike Jersey

Definitely stinkier than the Polygiene jersey.

The Results?

Immediately after the completion of the test, both jerseys smelled. The Polygiene one just a touch less, but in time, the Polygiene one magically un-smelled itself. I kid you not. It does still have just a touch of odor, but nothing compared to the standard polyester jersey. It seems as if the little oder-fighting minions just need a little bit of time to kill off any bacteria or fungi.

I’m a believer. I think Polygiene will reduce the need to wash garments as often and it does reduce and almost eliminate the typical stench associated with workout clothing.

A little about Polygiene

Polygiene is a permanent treatment that prevents bacteria and odor-causing fungi from growing. Because of that, you can wear Polygiene apparel multiple times without washing, thus saving your friends from your smelly-ness and reducing the need to wash the garment (saving time, money and the environment).

While not all manufacturers are using Polygiene-treated clothing, many are with more coming online regularly. You can view the complete partner list to see if your favorite manufacturer is using it.

More Info: Visit Polygiene.com


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