Prendas Ciclismo is a little gem of a store, offering vintage and replica cycling kits, caps, socks and more. With all the cycling caps on offer, there’s bound to be one that suits your tastes. For me, the Prendas Lisboa line caught my eye because it’s the perfect time for a cold-weather cap that can provide both wind and water protection. So, into the lingering winter chill I ventured.

Prendas Lisboa Rain Cycling Cap Features:

  • Made with a lightweight, breathable & waterproof fabric
  • Covered with reflective elements to aid visibility
  • Lined with anti-bacterial tape to absorb sweat
  • Taped internal seams
  • Made in Italy for Prendas Ciclismo
  • Care: Hand wash only
  • One size fits most
  • MSRP: $18 USD
Prendas Lisboa Cycling Cap Review

A cold road ride made the Lisboa a must-have.

A cold-weather cap that’s “just right”

It’s still pretty chilly this time of year, but not cold enough to necessitate a skull cap, covering the ears. Most cotton or synthetic cycling caps do add enough warmth on cold days, but lack wind and water protection for maximum comfort. So, enter the Prendas Lisboa water and wind-resistant cycling cap. It’s available in three colors: grey, black and orange. I’ve had the grey color as a good neutral that looks good with just about any helmet and kit.

Core to the function of the Lisboa is the light weight waterproof fabric. It’s a layered material with outer face fabric that’s treated with DWR and an inner, waterproof fabric that effectively keeps water and wind at bay on even the longest and soggiest of rides. A simple DWR would become overwhelmed, but this two-part approach ensures the ultimate in weather protection. I’ve tested the wind protection under cold temperatures (40’s F), but haven’t actually tested the waterproof capabilities outside some faucet tests.

Prendas Lisboa Cycling Cap Review

Visor up for the gravel ride.

Sometimes, waterproof fabrics don’t breathe and as a result, can cause serious green housing. In my testing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how well this fabric breathes. Worn underneath the both the Bontrager XXX WaveCel and POC Ventral Air SPIN, the Lisboa feels right at home. As with any cap, you’ll want to be sure your helmet can accommodate the added fabric. The Lisboa is thin and fits well under these helmets, but I preferred wearing the POC Ventral Air overall.

With cycling caps, there’s always the visor debate. I’m a visor-down kind of rider and luckily, the visor on the Lisboa is stubbier than most. Compared to other caps I’ve got, the Lisboa’s visor is about 1cm shorter. Honestly, I LOVE how short it is. I don’t feel like it blocks my field-of-vision, like other caps do.

Prendas Lisboa Cycling Cap Review

Visor up? Hmm… not unless maximum field-of-vision is needed.

Prendas Lisboa Cycling Cap Review

Visor down? Yeah… much better.

As an added bonus, the Lisboa offers reflectivity, which may only be functionally useful when worn alone or with a helmet that has gaping vents, like the POC Ventral Air. Because the fabric has limited mechanical stretch, there is an elastic on the back. The cap fit my shaved, 57cm noggin quite nicely.  . taped seams to ensure maximum waterproof capabilities.

In my experience, taped seams in waterproof hats do tend to peel away with use. It may take a few years, but ¬†body oil and hair products will cause it to pull away. I can’t say for sure that will happen here, but it will take several years to appear (if at all). I’ll report back in time as the years stack up.

The Good

  • Simple and stylish design
  • Stubby visor hits the mark for visor-down riding
  • Fabric blocks wind
  • Outer fabric repels water and inner fabric keeps it at bay
  • Thin enough to be worn under all helmets tested
  • Soft, anti-microbial band adds comfort

The Bad

  • Seam tape could degrade with use (may take a few years)
  • Reflectivity is nice, but isn’t super-useful when worn with most helmets

The Bottom Line: Prendas Lisboa Rain Cycling Cap

Prendas has delivered a high-quality, waterproof cycling cap with the Lisboa line. The design looks sharp and features both DWR outer shell and waterproof inner fabric for inclement weather. It’s also windproof, which really adds warmth on cold, dry rides. It’s a great cap with a stubby visor that’s just the perfect size, in my opinion.

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