“Premium” is used for all things luxe, but that’s just the start of the story for the new Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Levers. They not only look good, but they perform well for the all-important tubeless tire install or uninstall process.

Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Lever Features:

  • Unidirectional, 3K woven carbon fiber
  • Designed for all tires and rims
  • Carbon rim-friendly
  • Made to order in Brooklyn, NY
  • 25 grams
  • MSRP: $25/pair
Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Levers Review

A pair of these goes a long way.

Carbon tire levers du jour

Everything can be made of carbon fiber. Everything. Heck, I want my lawn mower’s handle to be carbon fiber so it smoothes out the engine vibration. Well, with that, we’re getting to the last mile of carbon fiber when it comes to bikes and bike tools. This time, Brooklyn’s own Affinity Cycles has released their Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Levers and they are… well… carbon fiber.

Let’s recap the beauty of carbon fiber as it relates to tire levers. It’s strong, stiff, light and it won’t destroy your new carbon hoops. Like, all levers, they feature a hooked tip that’s perfect for getting underneath the tire bead and either getting it onto or off of the rim. What’s beautiful here is just how stiff that hook is, thanks to the pyramid-shaped handle. And, the extra width is nice also (compared to your typical plastic tire lever).

Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Levers Review

Low and stiff — especially compared to Pedro’s tire levers.

I’m not going to lie… these are an indulgence, but they are so sweet. I love how low they stack to save space. Compared to a set of Pedro’s Tire Levers, they take up about a fourth of the space, which is awesome for tucking into a jersey or a crowded saddle bag. As flat as they are, I can tuck them almost anywhere and at a mere 25 grams per pair, you’ll be hard-pressed to notice them one bit. And, the above photo makes it appear that they are longer than Pedro’s levers, but they are pretty much the same overall length.

Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Levers Review

Pulling off a set of ENVE SES Road Tires.

Functionally, they do a great job as well and I haven’t had any worries marring or damaging my fancy carbon clinchers. I can slide them along the rim without worry and all that leverage just makes popping tires into place a breeze. Again, I’m using these for road tubeless or gravel tubeless tires, not wire bead tires. Still, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use them for even the most stubborn of tires. They simply don’t flex, so you’ll have the most leverage possible to mount those meaty tires.

The Good

  • Weighs next to nothing
  • Sits flat and takes up a fraction of space compared to typical levers
  • Stiff enough to handle the toughest beads
  • Doesn’t damage expensive carbon wheels

The Bad

  • They’re definitely expensive
  • A little storage sleeve would be nice to keep them together

The Bottom Line: Affinity Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Levers

An indulgence, for sure, but these beautiful levers are very sweet. Their stacked height is a fraction of your typical levers and they weigh next to nothing. More than that, their stiffness is unmatched as they perform the job we hire them to do — mount or remove tires.

Buy Now: Visit AffinityCycles.com

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