Assos is a Swiss company to the core and everything about their products screams precision and relentless perfection. With that in mind, the new Assos Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts arrived in a box that was fit for presentation to royalty. Assos backs it up with some of the best-performing bib shorts I’ve worn.

Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 Features:

  • Uses Type.441┬ápatented 40-guage warp knit
  • A-Lock stabilizes the shorts and secures the chamois
  • Ultralight, wide leg grippers
  • 30% reduction in seams
  • GoldenGate chamois attachment leaves sides open
  • MSRP: $249
Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 Review

Every part of the S9’s is executed to perfection.

The S9’s are the total package

Lots of bib shorts have come and gone over the years. Thankfully, the continuous progression of fit, style and materials has improved everything about bib shorts since my first pair 10 years ago. Leg grippers are more subtle, materials are more durable and chamois are supremely better. This year, Assos has launched their all-new Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but in the saddle, your mouth will be singing the S9’s praises.

Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts Review

An ultralight silicon treatment ensures he wide leg cuffs stay in place.

True to Swiss form, every part of the bibs has a name and the construction is definitely unique. Lets start with the chamois. Assos calls the floating chamois attachment “GoldenGate.” This lets the chamois float with your body instead of the bib shorts. the result is a chamois that stays put and remains supremely-comfortable. The straps are also attached in such a way as to isolate their support for the entire insert.

South Dakota Gravel Testing the Assos Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts

Mile after mile of South Dakota gravel and the S9’s remained on point.

While many shorts simply have a chamois, the Assos insert continues forward and encompasses the front area of the shorts. The best part of all this is your man parts have a pocket, instead of being forced to the left or the right. Honestly, that feature alone has won me over. My sensitive bits have never been so happy and the material is even perforated to keep things cool down there.

The uppers are comfortable both next-to-skin and over a lightweight base layer. The straps are wide and stay in place for road, gravel and mountain biking. I can’t say enough about the comfort of the straps on the S9’s.

Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 Review

Standing or sitting, the S9’s are wicked-comfortable and supportive.

Using Type.441 material, I get a good amount of muscle compression for maximum performance in the saddle. My muscles are supported and I’m confident that I can ride longer and more comfortably. All that compression doesn’t mean you have to do contortions for nature breaks either. It’s easy to stretch the material to go to the bathroom.

Everyone has their own flavor of leg cuffs and these are on point with the latest trend of wide cuffs. They feature silicon backing and simply stay put without being overly-grippy on my thighs.

Note: I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs with a 33″ waist and wore the size large. The fit was just right for me.

The Good

  • Chamois is comfortable on long rides
  • GoldenGate floating chamois is a game changer
  • Front pocket for your man bits eliminates need to choose left or right
  • Excellent compression and support
  • Quality materials
  • Wide bib straps that keep everything in place

The Bad

  • Sometimes it does take awhile to unravel the straps to put them on

The Bottom Line: Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9

Without a doubt, the Assos Equipe RS Bib Shorts S9 are my favorite bib shorts and represent a new benchmark against which others will be compared. The compression of the design and the insert are tops on the list of winning aspects. And, that front pocket for your junk is just plain awesome.

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