Dare 2B is making a name for themselves in active sports clothing. Still relatively small in the US, they are producing high-quality, high-performing gear for your outdoor pursuits. I had the opportunity to test out the Trivial Jersey, Unified T, and Undulate Shorts this spring. As an up-and-coming brand they have a solid offering that is well worth taking a look at.

Dare 2B Trivial Jersey, Unified T and Undulate Shorts Features:

  • Shirts: BODY lightweight polyester fabric
  • Shorts: super lightweight woven fabric
  • Fast drying
  • Reflective detailing for enhanced visibility
  • Trivial: odor control treatment
  • Unified T & Shorts: Mesh insets for increased breathability
  • MSRP: Trivial Jersey – $28.95, Unified T – $15.00, Undulate Shorts – $20.00
Dare 2B Trivial Jersey Review

Trivial Jersey is one of the most comfortable shirts I’ve run in.

Dare 2B Trivial Jersey

The Trivial Jersey is one of the most-comfortable performance shirts I’ve worn. The BODY fabric is lightweight and extremely soft to the touch. You know that part of your run or workout where you’re tired, muscle fatigue is high, you’re hot and all you want to do is stop? When I hit that point everything bothers me, especially what I’m wearing. Even when I was in that zone I didn’t want to shed the Trivial. That’s how I know this shirt is comfortable.

In my opinion, every performance shirt should come with odor control treatment (either be made of merino or treated). I gave the Trivial my typical odor treatment test: wear it every workout day for at least a week and see how it smells. The treatment works well. With your typical synthetic performance shirt you might be able to eek two days, three max, before the shirt hits “what’s that smell” levels. After a week it smelled almost as fresh as day one. So I wore it for a second week. At that point, it still smelled fine, but was getting a little crusty from all the dried sweat!

Thumb loops on the Dare 2B Trivial Jersey

Best thumb loops I’ve used. Full hand coverage is a win.

Dare 2B nailed it with the thumb loops on the Trivial. Typical thumb loop placement is too close to the cuff and thus not providing very good hand coverage. The thumb loops are in a great spot on the Trivial, providing almost full-hand coverage when the loops are on. I only like to wear gloves on the coldest days so this gives me a lot of flexibility on providing a little extra hand warmth on those “not quite cold enough for gloves days”.

Dare 2B Unified T

The Unified T is your typically running shirt. Made of lightweight polyester, it does a great job at wicking moisture and keeping you dry. My favorite feature is the entire back of the shirt is a tight-knit mesh which really increases breathability. It fits well and wears well. I’m 6 feet tall and 185 pounds and the large fits me well and runs true to size. One thing that would take the Unified T to the next level would be the odor control treatment. Without it, the shirt gets just as smelly as any other polyester shirt.

Dare 2B Unified T Review

All-mesh back helps wick sweat and cool you down.

My one gripe is the Unified T snags very easily. I had a few threads on the front of the shirt snag on my first run. I didn’t run into anything or run through any major bushes (i.e. I don’t recall anything of note happening) but I had a couple of snags. Since that time, I haven’t gotten any others.

For the money, this is a great shirt that performs well.

Dare 2B Unified T Review - A couple of snags

Couple of snags on day 1. Haven’t had any since.

Dare 2B Undulate Shorts

The Undulate Shorts are short! Alright, I admit that it’s all a matter of perspective and opinion, but I typically like to wear longer shorts, even when I run. From my perspective it would be nice to have an option for a longer inseam.

Dare 2B Undulate Shorts Review

Those shorts feel short!

With that out of the way, I really liked the Undulate short. They are definitely lightweight and are great for runs on warmer days. They move with you and breathe well. They are made with a windshell fabric that helps cut the wind and repel water. I didn’t notice any benefit from either of these features specifically but I think they combine together to help make this a great short.

The one other notable feature of the Undulate is the rear zippered pocket. It’s a decent size to hold a gel, keys, or even a bar. It comes stock with a headphone port but the pocket isn’t large enough to hold a plus-sized phone. The pocket is tucked up against the waist, which helps to reduce the bounce that comes from putting stuff in pockets of stretchy running shorts.

Dare 2B Undulate Shorts Review - Rear stash pocket

Zippered pocket and headphone port round out the Undulate Short.

I would have liked to have seen these shorts also treated with odor treatment (they aren’t) so I could wear them as long as I wear the Trivial Jersey before washing.

Final note: Given the length and lightweight nature of the short, I only liked them for running. I typically mix up my days with runs, crossfit-esque workouts, and plyometrics. I felt the shorts revealed too much when doing movements like squats and anything that required raising my legs.

The Good

  • Good performing gear
  • Odor treatment on the Trivial jersey works well
  • Super comfy
  • Great prices

The Bad

  • Wish the shorts were a little longer!
  • Unified T snagged easily

The Bottom Line: Dare 2B Running Gear

Dare 2B provides a solid offering for running and other aerobic pursuits. The prices are great and each piece brings good performance and value.

Buy Now: Pick up the Trivial Jersey, Unified T, or Undulate Shorts at Amazon.com.

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