Fabric is a design house that has taken on bicycle components as their canvas. Improving saddles, re-thinking water bottle mounts and more are all fair game for these guys. Now a part of Dorel Sports (parent of Cannondale, etc.), Fabric is making bigger waves in the industry. After almost a year with the Scoop Shallow Race saddle, its unassuming looks have masked all kinds of magic on the inside.

Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Saddle Features:

  • Flexible nylon base
  • Micro-fiber bonded cover
  • Available in three profiles and four colors
  • Ti rails (CroMo and Carbon available)
  • Weight: 250g (actual)
  • Length: 282mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • MSRP: $99
Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Saddle Review

Smooth, classic lines with a slight cutout.

Gimmick-free saddle

Saddle manufacturers employ all kinds of tactics to make their saddles appear and function more ergonomically. We’re talking cutouts, grooves, gel padding, nose removal and more. And, all of those tactics are valid and helpful for many riders. But, for most things in life, simplicity is often best. This has proven true thus far with the Scoop Shallow Race saddle.

I’ve ridden the Scoop Shallow Race in place of stock saddles on several bikes (BH Quartz Disc and others) and as my first choice on custom builds (like the Trek Domane SLR).  The weight weenie in me rejoiced in the 60 grams in weight savings over stock saddles, but I can also appreciate the muted styling with simplistic lines employed here. It doesn’t scream anything and that’s a good thing.

Fabric Scoop Shallow Race Saddle Review

Fabric’s unique saddle construction is visible from the underside.

Saddles are the most personal choices anyone will make on their bike. It’s taken me quite some time to find the right width and shape that works best with my anatomy. I’ve found that classic shapes (like the Scoop) are the best for me and while the Scoop lacks a cutout, I’ve experienced zero numbness.

Fabric constructs their saddles differently than other saddles. Underneath you won’t find any staples because the cover is vacuum-sealed and glued to the base using a proprietary process that eliminates variations between saddles. It also provides a super-clean look from all angles. This three-piece construction ensures consistency across saddles and makes backsides happier.

Speaking of backsides, mine is really appreciating the simplicity of the Fabric Scoop Shallow and the consistent comfort it provides. I can move around on the saddle with ease and in consistent comfort. I’ve done so in a host of bibs and chamois types with consistent results.

Something extra nice about this saddle is the extra nose width. Compared to other saddles, the nose is noticeably wide and that is a great attribute to have in a saddle. I especially appreciate that extra width when climbing and you’re on the forefront of the saddle.

The Good

  • Simple design
  • Elegant construction
  • Consistent feel across saddles
  • A killer value at $99
  • Great for road or MTB use
  • Round rails work with all seatposts
  • A bit wider nose offers a good perch

The Bad

  • Saddles are highly personal, your results may vary

The Bottom Line: Fabric Scoop Shallow

This one has become my favorite saddle and is the one I want on all my bikes. It is a respectable weight and the titanium rails ensure compatibility with all seat post clamps.

Buy Now: Available at REI

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