Hincapie has been making road kits for quite some time. I’ve had the opportunity to ride a wide variety of them, but their new Rosdel kit is certainly my favorite to date.

Hincapie Rosdel Jersey/Bibshort Features

  • Supple, supportive fit
  • Shoulder panel offers extended range-of-motion
  • Schoeller coldblack finish technology reflects heat
  • ProGrip comfort bands at cuffs and hem
  • Multi-density ProTour chamois
  • Waterproof zippered jersey pocket
  • MSRP: $270 (bibshort and jersey)
Testing the Hincapie Rondel Kit in American Fork Canyon.

Testing the Hincapie Rosdel Kit in American Fork Canyon.

Great fit and hi-vis colors

When selecting a kit, I’m always game for one that offers an extra dose of visibility. So, when Hincapie’s new Rosdel kit arrived in their Cerulean color-way, I was pleasantly-surprised by the efficient and comfortable fit combined with extra visibility touches.

At 5’11” and 170 lbs., the size medium top/bottom provided just the right fit for my body. At first, the bibs felt a little snug, but after wearing them a time or two, they became just right.

It’s always nice to buy a complete matching kit. Yeah, you can go with any old jersey and black bibs, but as road bikers, we’re admittedly vain, so coordinating kits are the way to go, in my opinion. With stylish color blocks and smart construction, the Rosdel is packed with tons of great features that I’ve really come to appreciate throughout the course of my testing.

The Rosdel kit on display.

The Rosdel kit on display in Cerulean.

Let’s start with the bibs. Something that I immediately notice are the straps. Huge kudos to Hincapie for the uppers on these bibshorts because they are stretchy, breathable and ultra-comfortable for all-day riding. Not once have I suffered any chaffing or discomfort from these straps. Once they are on, I forget about them and just enjoy the rest of the kit. Nature breaks aren’t too challenging as things stretch just enough for front access.

As is common with many kits these days, the Rosdel employs wide, stretchy bands at the cuffs to keep things in place. The backside features grippy micro-dots to keep things in place and it does so quite well. Sometimes, these wide leg cuffs can become too restrictive, but not here. These cuffs stretch just the right amount for smooth pedaling.

The chamois is certainly not one of the most full-featured ones I’ve used, but does the job quite well across a wide variety of saddles. In addition the panel placement on the bibs is excellent for an overall supportive and unrestricted feel.

The Rosdel Jersey features flat lock seams -- a nice touch.

The Rosdel Jersey features flat lock seams — a nice touch.

Heading up top to the jersey, the cuffs and hem are nicely-outfitted with grippy micro-dots to keep things in place. Elsewhere, Hincapie has employed a highly-breathable mesh material on the side panels to encourage moisture management. Flatlock seams abound for added comfort and even though this color-way is primarily black, it breathes quite well in mid-day sun.

The jersey pockets are easily-reached, but only average in size. Many century-style kits are going with larger pockets to stash more gear. I’ve been fine hauling everything necessary — even carrying a lightweight change of clothes for morning commutes. As a nice touch, there is a zippered waterproof pocket on the outside of the middle pocket. I’ve used this for my wallet and it works perfectly. They say it can fit an iPhone 6+, but I don’t have one of those monsters on-hand, so I’ll take their word for it.

I’ve said it before and it looks like I’ll have to say it again, but that dangly zipper pull is not my favorite. I typically prefer a straight zipper pull.

The Good

  • Excellent hi-vis options (Lime and Cerulean particularly)
  • Great fit for all-day comfort
  • Good chamois
  • Just the right amount of stretch/grippyness in all cuffs

The Bad

  • Dangly zipper pull
  • Jersey pockets could be a tad larger

The Bottom Line: Hincapie Rosdel Kit

Great kits should be good-looking and highly-functional. With the Hincapie Rosdel jersey and bibshorts, you get all-day comfort with quite the fetching design to boot.

Buy Now: Available at Hincapie.com

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