Believe it or not, Reggie Jackson (yes that Reggie Jackson) is the inspiration for the Reggie’s wild line of cycling clothing. Mr. October’s name is now emblazoned on riders chests and legs in full technicolor fashion — and that’s just fine with me. It’s catchy, fun and one of those names that makes you smile. Reggie’s cycling kits are arguably some of the most unique on the market and they are built with all the performance you’d expect. Plus, each one has a special Rg rivet with which they say, “rivet on.”

Reggie Kit Features:

  • Jersey fits available in fast and faster (both cuts tested)
  • Unique kit designs made by Jakroo and socks by DeFeet
  • Reggie designs and sells the full spectrum of riding clothing
  • Unique designs are all made in-house
  • Varied materials for all-season use
  • MSRP: $126-$149 USD
Reggie Urban Camo Jersey Review

The Urban Camo Jersey is quite snazzy. This one is in the “Fast” cut.

Reggie Ghost De Boss Jersey Review

The “Faster” cut De Boss features embossed designs on a lightweight, mesh jersey.

Rivet On, Reggie-style

Even today, Brooks saddles feature their iconic riveted construction. And, back in the day, rivets were the way saddles were constructed, with one perched right atop the nose of the saddle (yeowch). The old term “on the rivet” meant you were riding forward in the saddle, aggressively, presumably at the limit. It’s with a nod to that heritage that Jeff and Laura Wills have designed their catchy cycling brand.

As a brother/sister combo, Laura has all the design work handled and Jeff takes on the business and marketing side. As far as jerseys go, the Reggie Urban Camo and Ghost De Boss jerseys have been some of the most fun ones I’ve had around. Let’s be honest, you can only take so much black-on-black kits before you need some pizzaz. And, Reggie has certainly delivered in that department.

Reggie Urban Camo Jersey and Classy White Bibs

Lighting up a local climb in the Urban Camo jersey.

I hadn’t tried any Jakroo kits before the Reggie units arrived, but the overall experience has been fantastic. Jerseys are offered in either “Fast” or “Faster” fit. I had one of each and both fits were great. I really appreciated the “Faster” fit on the De Boss Jersey for summer assaults where breathability is key. And, I’m fittest in the summer, so the more streamlined fit just looks better with those tan arms and legs.

Reggie doesn’t mind if you use their kits for road, gravel or singletrack, so that’s what I did. Well actually, due to the wet and snowy winter this year in Utah, I started testing in earnest aboard the Factor O2 Disc mounted up to the CycleOps H2 Smart Trainer. I daresay I never looked better riding up Alpe du Zwift than I did wearing the Urban Camo kit this winter. The kids got a kick out of the Reggie kits too and always asked, “Dad, who’s Reggie?” It sounds like a good conversation starter on the local group ride or trailhead.

Reggie Ghost De Boss Jersey

The Ghost De Boss Jersey on some sweet Colorado gravel.

Once the trails cleared, I found myself wearing the Urban Camo jersey for morning MTB rides and the De Boss jersey for long gravel and road rides. The jerseys are comfortable, well-sorted units with all the nice features you’d expect. The pockets are good-sized and they even feature a small zippered pocket for stashing keys or valuables. The collars are a little tall, but on par with classic jersey designs. Sleeve-length is on-point with wide, comfortable cuffs.

Something that I noticed immediately was the flatlock seams utilized throughout. Those type of seams are usually found on much more expensive kits and it makes a considerable difference in comfort. At the end of the ride, you don’t end up with seams digging into your skin (always a plus). The flatlock seams are even more appreciated with the Classy White Bibs I paired with both jerseys.

Time Osmos 12 & Reggie Pink Punch It Socks

The Pink Punch It socks are wildly-fun.

More on the bibs… the mesh straps are a little scratchy, so be prepared to wear a base layer on gravel rides to prevent chaffing. I did really appreciate the tall cut of the bibs and the compressive lower-back support they provide, but all that height does make for difficult nature breaks. The wide cuffs stay put just dandy.

The EIT HP Carbonium Chamois is nice and a bit better than I’d expect for a $149 pair of bibs, but it doesn’t top the comfort of the Assos Equipe RS S9. Heck, it’s half the price, so I wouldn’t expect it to.

Overall, the Reggie kits have been fun to wear and the designs are awesome. The fit is fantastic and you can’t miss seeing these on the trails or road. Nicely-done, Reggie!

Note: I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs. I wore medium jerseys and bibs. 

The Good

  • Love the unique designs
  • Fit is spot-on
  • Offered in two cuts (fast and faster)
  • De Boss jersey breathes super-well and looks great
  • Bibs offer good support and compression
  • Nice, wide cuffs
  • Easily-grabbed zippers

The Bad

  • Bib straps are a little scratchy
  • Nature breaks are a challenge

The Bottom Line: Reggie Bike Kits

Reggie’s line of bike kits are truly unique and fun. And, all their designs are produced by quality kit makers, so you won’t be disappointed in the overall quality. There’s no way around it — you’ll be glad you got your Reggie on.

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