Several years ago, while at ScottWeek (their annual dealer/media event), I got the rundown on their latest innovations in their road shoes. With a focus on fit and performance, Scott was stepping things up in a big way. Now, a few years removed from that, I’ve had the Road RC shoes in for testing throughout the bulk of the summer. I’ll just say that these are now my “go-to” shoes.

Scott Road RC Shoes Features: 

  • HMX Carbon outsole with a 10 stiffness index
  • Lightweight microfiber and mesh uppers
  • BOA IP-1 lacing system
  • Removable insoles
  • Wide range of cleat adjustability (22mm)
  • Available in white or yellow
  • MSRP: $349.95
A hefty dose of comfort with excellent power transfer right there.

A hefty dose of comfort with excellent power transfer right there.

Excellent comfort and adjustability

Shoes and saddles remain the most personal items that any cyclist will buy. There’s no question that a great pair of shoes and a comfortable saddle will make for an outstanding experience. Many of us spend the bulk of our time in search of that elusive Goldilocks saddle or shoes, but never quite find it. And then, on occasion, the “just right” one comes along — that’s how I’m feeling about the Scott Road RC’s.

I’ve spent some long days in the saddle this summer on a variety of roads. It’s fair to say that the bulk of those miles were spent wearing the Road RC shoes. For overall comfort, I’m going to have to put them right up with the Bontrager Velocis road shoes as my two favorite shoes in my garage.

At this level of road shoe, there are a number of items that are to be expected, but surprisingly not every top-shelf road shoe checks off all those boxes. For me, those boxes definitely include dual BOA IP-1 laces. I’ve tried all the other varieties of closures on the market (even other BOA systems) and a double IP-1 is without a doubt the pinnacle of pinpoint fit and comfort.

All-day comfort in the Scott Road RC's.

All-day comfort in the Scott Road RC’s.

If you’re unfamiliar with BOA lacing systems and/or their IP-1 system in particular, let me educate you on how they function. The dials are twisted inward in a mirror-image fashion for a tighter fit and outward for a looser fit. This reverse dial is so intuitive in the saddle, it’s ridiculous. I’ve now used IP-1’s for years and struggle riding anything else. Oh, aside from the single-click adjustments, if you pop the dial upward, it releases and allows for easy entry/exit.

Aside from easy adjustments, the cables and glides are perfectly-placed on the Road RC’s asymmetrical tongue for even pressure. But, should you need to loosen or tighten things on-the-fly, it’s simply a matter of reaching down and making it happen.

Fore/aft adjustability mated to a stiff outsole.

Fore/aft adjustability mated to a stiff outsole.

With an outsole featuring HMX Carbon, power transfer is understandably excellent. Step on the gas and everything goes to your pedals. That’s what I expect here and that’s what I’ve gotten. But, that stiff outsole is coupled with foot-cradling uppers that allow me to achieve a snug fit without hot spots or issues that can plague other shoes. The toebox has decent width to it as well, so my toes can wiggle.

Breathability is excellent and durability is top-notch as they show absolutely no sign of wear even after 500+ miles of use. The outsole lacks replaceable heel treads, which could be a bummer if you wear them out prematurely — about the only negative here, but I’ve honestly never worn out a set of treads on any shoes.

As the weather has cooled, I’ve ventured out in the Road RC’s and my toes have been quite comfortable down to the low-50’s. Anything below that and you’ll probably want at least a pair of toe covers or booties.

I’ve been running these with Speedplay Zero’s with their new walkable cleats. I did have to re-tighten the cleats one time during the test period. Keep an eye on those bolts and make sure to tighten them correctly when you install.

The Good

  • Excellent stiffness and power transfer
  • Easy to obtain a glove-like fit
  • Extra wiggle room in the toebox
  • BOA IP-1 lacing system is best-in-class
  • Wide cleat adjustment range
  • Lacing pattern eliminates velcro toe closure
  • Extra-durable toe resists damage from tire rub

The Bad

  • No replaceable heel treads
  • Top-shelf shoes are pricey

The Bottom Line: Scott Road RC Shoes

I’ve worn the bulk of the top-shelf road shoes on the market and I honestly like the Scott Road RC’s the best. Why? Well, the entire package works together for added comfort, power transfer and fit. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some love for the BOA IP-1’s.

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In Summary

9.0 Road Champs

The Scott Road RC shoes check off all the boxes I'm looking for in a great pair of road shoes. You're going to get excellent comfort, mounted to a stiff chassis and topped off with BOA IP-1 closures. Very impressive indeed.

  • Comfort 9
  • Stiffness 9
  • Quality 10
  • Breathability 9
  • Value 8

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