When you find just the right layers, cold-weather running is a comfortable experience. Sometimes, finding those layers is more fleeting than anticipated, but the Sugoi Ignite L/S Shirt has quickly found a spot in my cold-weather repertoire.

Sugoi Ignite LS Shirt Features:

  • Soft, moisture-wicking knit material
  • Flat-lock seams
  • Sleeves feature thumb ports for extra coverage
  • Reflective logos
  • Fabric: 83% polyester, 11% lyocell, 6% spandex
  • MSRP: $70
The Sugoi Ignite L/S offers warmth on chilly morning trail runs.

The Sugoi Ignite L/S offers warmth on chilly morning trail runs.

Ahhh… so comfortable

“You’ve gotta feel this fabric. Try it on,” I tell my wife. As a Merino wool snob, I appreciate a soft hand and absolutely seek out the ultimate in next-to-skin experiences. Sugoi’s Ignite L/S fills that comfort requirement and then some. The material is a bit of a mixture (polyester, lyocell and spandex) and really comes out swinging for the comfort fences, but also hits a solid double when it comes to breathability and moisture management.

My 5’11”, 170 lb. body fits the size Large quite well. It’s got that Goldilocks fit to it — not too tight and not too baggy — just a nice, comfortable cut. I could have gone Medium for a snug fit, but I’ve got enough tight-fitting base layers that the little extra wiggle room has been welcomed.

During the course of testing, the Ignite L/S has been used alone on cool days, with a vest on chilly days and with a jacket on colder days. So far, it has done well in all temperature and weather variations I’ve throne at it. On the extreme warm end, the fabric can get a little soggy and stretch the fabric just a teeny bit — not enough to complain about, but it happens. Moisture wicking is awesome and dry times are really good.

I always appreciate thumb loops on a long-sleeve shirt like this one. I also appreciate the extra sleeve length so you can actually use them. On several chilly outings, I opted for the thumb loops and it really made quite the difference.

So far it has endured about 6 months of carefree washings — thrown in with all the other loads that my family of 6 generates. It has also resisted snags well with no signs of pilling or wear whatsoever.

The Good

  • Next-to-skin comfort
  • Flat lock seams add to the comfort
  • Breathes well, wicks well and dries quickly

The Bad

  • Stretches just a tad when saturated

The Bottom Line: Sugoi Ignite L/S

Let’s face it… you need a long-sleeve running shirt, and the Ignite L/S should be considered for that duty. In a variety of weather conditions and with a variety of layers, the Ignite L/S has continued to be my shirt of record.

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In Summary

9.3 Soft & Comfortable

The Ignite L/S is a great running shirt and it even looks great just hanging around. I have appreciated how well it breathes and dries as well as the thumb loops for warmth in a pinch.

  • Comfort 10
  • Fit 9
  • Breathability 9
  • Style 9

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