Sugoi has always been a sleeper brand when it comes to cycling kits. Quietly making great stuff, we’ve tested their RS Pro kits over the years and the latest Sugoi RS Pro Training and Climber’s jerseys are excellent options for everyday or days when the roads tilt upwards at a considerable pitch.

Sugoi RS Pro Training Jersey Features:

  • Low-profile collars
  • Large-tooth, full-length zippers
  • Dri Tech fabric
  • Comfortable, wide arm bands
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • MSRP: $80
Sugoi RS Pro Training Jersey

The RS Pro Training Jersey offers all-day comfort at a reasonable price.

Sugoi RS Pro Training Jersey — The Staple

When selecting a new bike jersey, there are always the typical considerations like fit and style, but it pays to consider the little things that make a jersey that much better. Sugoi has done a great job packing a ton of great features into an affordable package with the RS Pro Training Jersey.

I’ll start with the cut. Sugoi calls it “Pro Fit,” which seems accurate and is on part with all Sugoi jerseys I’ve worn. The size large offers a snug fit on my 5’11” 170 lb frame. It’s definitely not sausage-tight, but it’s appropriately snug without any excess material anywhere to catch the wind. Overall comfort is outstanding as it just seems to feel natural both on and off the bike.

Sugoi RS Pro Training Jersey

“Training” at the top of Utah’s Alpine Loop.

Heroes of the day are the sleeve cuffs as these are among the best — especially at this price. I’m a huge fan of wide leg and arm cuffs with subtle grippy material to keep things in place. The Training Jersey has a modern arm cuff length and the fit and comfort is outstanding.

Recently, I’ve had a handful of jerseys that feature a large-toothed front zipper. At first I was put off because it looks bad (hard to ignore that), but the function of these large zippers is superb. The ease of zipping/unzipping is unmatched, so function wins the day. But, beware of chest hair — I’ll just leave it at that. Even though the zipper moves freely up/down, it does lock in place to keep things from unzipping on their own.

While the training jersey does come in at a stellar price, the fabrics could be a touch more breathable and fast-drying (for that, check out the Climber’s Jersey). After hard efforts, the jersey seemed to retain moisture more than other jerseys.

For a training jersey, the pockets are a little small. I’d expect to be able to stuff more in them, but they are average-sized. Again, large, pleated-bottom pockets are typical for training jerseys, so I would have liked a little more space on this one.

The Good

  • Low-profile collar aids in breathability
  • Wide arm cuffs are comfortable all day long
  • Pocket position is good and within easy reach
  • Large-toothed zipper zips/unzips easily

The Bad

  • Body fabric doesn’t breathe as well as I’d like
  • Collar does look funky at first
  • Wish the pockets were a touch larger

The Bottom Line: Sugoi RS Pro Training Jersey

Sugoi is onto something with the Training Jersey — it comes in at an affordable price point and has a ton of great features. Certainly, it’s not as breathable as the Climber’s Jersey, but for all-around use, it’s hard to discount the fit and comfort of the Training Jersey.

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