Every fall, I take a great deal of enjoyment from selecting a handful of lifestyle items to review for our readers. They’re usually something that blends the outdoors lifestyle with casual city aesthetics, and I try to focus on companies that are making strides in the area of sustainability. One of the exciting names that fits this category to a ‘T’ are Toad&Co, purveyors of stylish and sustainable clothing. This fall I’ve been rocking their Jet Cord Jacket.

Toad&Co Jet Cord Corduroy Jacket Features:

  • Moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Comfort stretch material
  • Center-front zipper
  • Flannel lined for added warmth
  • Double chest pockets with button closure
  • Button cuff closure
  • 27″ length
  • 69% Organic Cotton, 28% Polyester, 3% Elastane
  • MSRP: $145
Toad&Co Jet Cord Corduroy Jacket

The perfect jacket for fall

Wear this just for the compliments

I had to laugh when I went out in this jacket for the first time. Toad&Co has this guarantee that if you don’t get a compliment during the first three times you wear their garments, you can return them for a refund. Literally within the first 30 minutes of wearing this jacket, somebody told me what a cool corduroy it is. And they’re right – it is a very cool, classic jacket. If I wrote a paragraph for every compliment I’ve received in this jacket, no one would finish reading this and our search engine optimization would be a dumpster fire.

With that said, what is it that’s made me love this jacket? The most obvious place to start is with the fabric, which is a great blend of comfort and retro styling. Unlike an original corduroy which would likely have been made out of cotton or wool, Toad&Co’s fabric blend is primarily organic cotton with a mix of polyester and elastane. Those additions give the fabric a certain amount of inherent stretch, something that would be missing from a true retro piece. The ‘whale’ of the fabric is the number of the corduroy’s iconic ribs per inch, and this is a fairly high-whale jacket with very tight lines. I think that contributes to a softer appearance.

It’s also worth noting that Toad&Co has chosen an organic cotton for this fabric. That’s important, because conventional cotton production consumes 16% of all pesticide usage. Organic cotton, which is grown without those chemicals, is less harmful on the ecosystems surrounding where it is grown and the workers who pick it. The fabric also earns the ‘organic’ label by consuming less fresh water in production. Toad&Co has built its brand around sustainable apparel, which makes it easy for me to recommend it to friends, family and readers.

Check out the nice brass buttons

The inside of the jacket is notable mostly because Toad&Co lined it with a very stylish yellow, white, maroon and blue flannel fabric pattern. It’s super soft, super cozy, and also stretches with the main fabric body. It’s a little hard to quantify how ‘warm’ the jacket is, and it’s definitely not a particularly warm piece. It’s something that works well for day’s in the 50’s or nights when you’re moving in and out of warm spaces to and from your car or the train, for example. But other than the flannel and cord, there is no other structural insulation.

Moving beyond the fabric, there is quite a bit to appreciate in the details that Toad&Co have built into the Jet Cord. One fundamental thing is the use of durable brass buttons throughout. These secure the two chest pockets, and are emblazoned with their signature Horny Toad which, crucially, is actually facing the right way on both buttons so that it doesn’t look dorky. That’s a small touch but it counts. Those buttons also are placed on the cuffs, but them also on the hem so that you can cinch the waist in. That’s a great stylistic touch.

The last key structural thing to mention is the zipper. It’s a strong, brass track and zipper pull which pulls super easily and never snags. It also features a locking zipper head, so it won’t creep up or down unless you actually pull on the nice brass pull tab that also features a recessed Horny Toad. When the zip is pulled up, it stays low enough below your neck that you don’t feel any irritation from the track or zipper pull against the skin of your neck. I also like the two generous hand pockets in the front of the jacket, although it would have been neat to see them lined with the same flannel rather than just the backside of the corduroy.

The two large main pockets are a plus.

Overall, I like the fit. I’m 5’11”, 195 pounds and I tested a Large. It fits really well. The torso is on the shorter side and it kinda tends to ride on the upper half of your butt, which fits well for the style of a retro jacket. It’s true-to-size overall.

The Good

  • Sustainable, comfortable, stretch fabric foundation
  • I really like the sturdy brass buttons found throughout the jacket
  • Zipper track is sturdy and pulls well
  • So far has lived up to the amount of compliments Toad&Co promised me

The Bad

  • Hand pockets could be improved with the flannel lining
  • Cuff adjustment could be a nice touch beyond the single button option.

The Bottom Line: Toad&Co Jet Cord Jacket

As I said earlier, it’s been easy for me to recommend this jacket cause it’s so stylish. Beneath the surface, though, it’s also important to remember that this jacket is coming from a company that emphasizes sustainability. You can feel good about the fabric that you’re buying. That said, I wish Toad&Co would give us more information about fair trade in their manufacturing centers, and I’d encourage them to make that information available going forward. With that said, for my first installment of lifestyle-focused, sustainable gear for the fall, the verdict is easy: if you’ve been wanting that classic corduroy look, look no further than the Jet Cord jacket.

Buy Now: Available from ToadandCo.com

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