As time goes on, the commuter shoe market gets stronger and stronger. We’re seeing better styles and performance with each passing year. The DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes is a top contender for the best commuter shoe. Want to know why? Keep reading…

DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes Features:

  • Synthetic woven upper
  • Natural gum rubber outsoles
  • Variable-flex shank for walkability and power transfer
  • Available in regular width only
  • Compatible with 2-Bolt (SPD Style)
  • Single hook-and-loop closure
  • 6 Month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Price: $95
DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes Review

Casual design that doesn’t scream “I’m a bike shoe!”

Bike, work, bike with the DZR Jetlag Nero

The DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes does a fantastic job at fusing together what I believe are solid elements for a plain-clothes commuter shoe: comfort, style, durability, and performance.

If you want to commute in shoes that look like bike shoes, then wear bike shoes. I used to ride in bike shoes but got tired of carrying an extra pair of shoes with me. I’m always on the lookout for a shoe that performs decent, is comfortable, and looks like a regular shoe. DZR pretty much nailed with with the Jeglag!

They nailed the style. The Jetlag features a low-profile casual/skate design (looks very similar to old school Vans slip-ons). Wear ’em to school, the store, work (unless of course you have to shiny shoes). They fit in and definitely don’t look like a bike shoe.

DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes Review

Simple, single strap design is secure and minimalist.

If you’re bike commuting, chances are you are going to wear the shoes all day. The Jetlag feels good all day long. I put them through the ringer with standing all day, riding a bunch of errands, and a ton of walking around. They almost feel like a regular pair of shoes when walking around. In some commute shoes you can really feel the plate when the shoes flexes. In the Jetlag it’s hardly noticeable. This is awesome!

DZR kept the closure super simple with a giant hook-and-loop (AKA Velcro) closure and wide, almost seatbelt-like strap. Easy on, easy off. This is one place where I knock the rating. I love the simplicity but found the belt to be a little too restrictive across the high bone of my arch. The top of my foot pokes up a little and I found some discomfort from the strap if I had it snug. When riding, I want it snug for performance and to reduce play. But wearing all day, I want it a little more loose.

DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes Review

One big velcro patch keeps the strap tight.

Pedal performance is pretty good. With the strap snug, when standing up and cranking, there’s only a little play through the shoe. Yes, you lose power in this type of shoe, but you’re commuting. You’ll be okay. This is one of the biggest compromises that comes with a commute shoe. You give on power transfer for style and comfort. DZR did a great job toeing this line with the Jetlag.

Can you guess what my biggest pet peeve with commuter shoes is? When you walk and the cleat scraps on the ground, especially concrete! Man, nothing quite like walking down the sidewalk listening to the sound of your cleats grinding away! Once again, DZR nailed it! I ride Crank Brothers pedals and use the CB cleats. DZR designed the sole with a recess that is just deep enough to prevent cleat scraping and still thin enough to not get in the way of clipping in!

DZR Jetlag Nero Commuter Shoes Review

Deep recesses help keep the cleats from scraping on the ground.

Note on sizing: Sizing runs fairly true to size. Length is spot on. The width is “regular” but I found it to be a smidge narrow. I wear anything other than thin cycling socks, the Jetlag feels a little snug in the width.

The Good

  • Excellent all-day style
  • Surprisingly-comfortable
  • No grinding your cleats away when walking around

The Bad

  • Single strap can be uncomfortable is you have high arches
  • Black is your only color choice

The Bottom Line: DZR Jetlag Nero

DZR just about nailed the bike commuter shoe with the Jetlag Nero. They almost have the ideal blend of style, comfort, and performance that blends together a plain-clothes shoe with pedaling performance.

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