Throughout the majority of the summer, I’ve been riding the Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS helmet. It fits well, has brain-saving MIPS and looks great. Overall, there’s little more you could want in a helmet.

Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Helmet Features:

  • MIPS brain protection
  • Hexocrush technology uses dual-density foam to dissipate impacts
  • Eyewear Garage Dock
  • Includes visor and two liner options
  • RSR9 retention system
  • Colors: Stealth Black (tested) or White
  • Weight: 350 grams (Large, actual)
  • MSRP: $399
Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Liner

MIPS has your back (and your head).

Ultimate protection and features galore

Rudy Project has long been known for their Italian-ness. Sometimes that has meant flashy and brash and other times it means subtle and stylish. The new Racemaster helmet is available in both MIPS and non-MIPS flavors, but if you’re spending this kind of money on a helmet, MIPS should be the only choice.

With MIPS, you get proven brain-saving technology that reduces the impact of blunt forces on your brain. That yellow liner “slips” on impact and has been proven to significantly reduce brain trauma. While I don’t recommend testing it yourself just for fun, I can personally attest to it’s effectiveness and won’t even consider hitting the tarmac without MIPS or some of the other equivalent technologies.

Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Review

Plenty of miles in the Racemaster all summer.

The features of the Racemaster MIPS doesn’t stop there — this lid is full-featured. The outer shell is molded to dual-density Hexocrush foam that further dissipates impact forces and the RSR9 retention system keeps the helmet securely in place under all conditions. As with other Rudy Project helmets, this one also comes with a removable visor should you choose to use it for MTB.

Another nifty feature is the choice of liners. I used the integrated mesh liner and found it to both protect against bugs smashing into my shaved noggin and also help dissipate moisture better than without it. The thin, flexible straps always remained in place and offer excellent next-to-skin comfort. And, they never flapped around in the wind thanks to a rubber keeper loop that actually stayed in place.

Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS Helmet Review

The Eyewear Garage comes in handy for sunglasses storage.

When not needed, the Racemaster MIPS also features a sunglasses dock on the backside, which handily accepts any glasses I placed there (particularly the Rudy Project Fotonyk). They stay put and are secure for later. I couldn’t reliably place glasses there while riding, but found it handy when stopped or for storage purposes.

Overall, the Racemaster offers one of the most secure-feeling helmets you’ll find. The safety features are tops here (thankfully I didn’t test them first-hand), which also include Hexocrush EPS technology. These conical shapes are injected into the mold for increased energy dissipation by distributing forces sideways and radially on impact.

On cold days, the Racemaster does quite well with a cycling cap underneath. All it takes is a couple of ratchets on the dial and all is well. For warmer days, the ventilation was always superb and not once did I feel like I was overheating.

The Good

  • Top-notch protection
  • Really secure feel
  • Retention system is tops
  • Eyewear garage on backside is nice
  • Mesh lining keeps bugs at bay

The Bad

  • No dancing around the high price tag here
  • Would love to see high-viz color options

The Bottom Line: Rudy Project Racemaster MIPS

When Rudy Project introduces a new top-end road helmet, you know it’s going to have every feature under the sun. And, with the Racemaster MIPS, you get that and more. This is one of the most secure-feeling helmets I’ve worn and it checks all the boxes for fit, comfort and protection if you can stomach the price tag.

Buy Now: Available at (Fulfilled by Rudy Project NA)

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