Ryders Eyewear has come a long way since my first foray with the brand. They have advanced their lens technology and significantly upped their product quality due, in part, to being acquired by Essilor (the world’s largest ophthalmic lens manufacturer). The resources now available to them have produced the veloPOLAR™ antiFOG lens technology available in their Seventh sunglasses.

Ryders Seventh Sunglasses Features:

  • veloPOLAR antiFOG light grey lenses
  • Frame features adjustable nose pads and temple tips
  • Optically-correct lenses
  • Scratch-resistant treatment
  • MSRP: $149.99
BMC Roadmachine / Ryders Seventh Sunglasses

Excellent vision and optics without any rainbow-effect so common with polarized lenses.

Love is in the Seventh sunglasses

Several months ago I had the opportunity to get the run-down of what’s been going on at Ryders Eyewear. I was informed all about the Essilor acquisition and the ambitious plans for the brand. Before that meeting, I had conjured up memories of budget-priced sunglasses I’ve used in the past. But, after that meeting I came away extremely impressed with the brand direction and renewed firepower behind the Ryders brand.

Developed specifically for cycling, the veloPOLAR and antiFOG lenses employed here aim to offer top-notch performance while riding on two wheels. Capping things off with just enough polarization to cut glare and eye fatigue, but not enough to cause rainbows or other negative side-effects of the polarization process. This polarization amount makes these lenses feel like a great pair of sunglasses that perform well on the road or trail. And, best of all, you don’t even notice that they are polarized, but you get all the benefits.

I typically prefer a semi-rim frame for best visibility. I don’t like the frames getting in the way of my line-of-sight, so the Seventh fits the bill quite nicely. As an added benefit, the adjustable nose pads and temple tips ensure an excellent fit, no matter your face shape. In practice, it is easy to adjust and they stay right where you’ve put them, but the nose piece can get easily mis-shaped.

As is usual, I tested the Seventh sunglasses in a variety of conditions while mountain biking, road biking, trail running and hiking about in the backcountry. Throughout it all, I’ve enjoyed clear vision and excellent eye protection. In addition, the Seventh sunglasses stay put through it all.

Not just for cycling -- these were great for a week in the Wind Rivers.

Not just for cycling — these were great for a week in the Wind River Range, WY.

The adjustable nose pads and temple tips are excellent features that allow these shades to fit a variety of faces. I will say, however, that the nose pads are really easy to adjust and can be nudged out-of-place rather easily.

Something else to mention is the antiFOG treatment on the inside of the lenses. I’ve yet to have these fog, but that coating does make it a little more difficult to clean.

Overall, the Ryders Seventh sunglasses are excellent for cycling and the light grey lens truly is great for early-morning and mid-day activities, but may not be dark enough for extremely-bright conditions.

The Good

  • veloPOLAR offers just the right amount of polarization
  • Excellent anti-fog
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of faces
  • Lightweight, all-day comfort
  • Semi-rim design offers uninhibited vision
  • Cycling-specific, but great all-rounders

The Bad

  • Nose pads can get moved easily
  • This particular lens can get overwhelmed in bright conditions

The Bottom Line: Ryders Seventh Sunglasses

Ryders has come a long way since my first pair so long ago. The Seventh are a cycling-specific design, but they are great for trail running and frankly, everyday use as well. I love how well they stay put and the optics are stellar.

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In Summary

9.0 Versatile Sunglasses

The Ryders Seventh feature veloPOLAR and antiFOG for great optics and fog-free performance which works well in the real world. I love the sporty but stylish design that's great for cycling, but has been equally fantastic for everyday use.

  • Fit 9
  • Optics 9
  • Quality 9

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