Tank tops go with running like peanut butter goes with jelly. When the heat kicks in, opting for a tank is the only way to keep things comfortable. Enter the Salomon EXO S-Lab tank for a few laps around the trails.

Salomon EXO S-Lab Tank Key Features:

  • Smart Skin™ maps the right material to the right zones
  • EXO Sensifit Stability for proper posture control
  • Flatlock seams
  • Reflective banding for added visibility
  • Actilite™ materials for enhanced moisture wicking
  • Colors: White/Aluminum/Racing Red (tested) or Racing Red
  • MSRP: $80

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My Experience

With many companies producing compression, support or posture-enhancing apparel, Salomon is sure to be in the middle of the fray. Boasting an all-star trail running squad, their R&D is second-to-none with thousands of miles logged in their gear. Based on that feedback, the exclusive S-Lab line features cutting-edge gear for core athletes who demand the best.

When the EXO S-Lab tank arrived, I immediately took notice to the honeycomb-like EXO Sensifit laminated across the chest and back. Stretching the fabric out resulted in much more resistance in those areas to promote proper posture, muscle support and comfort on long runs. Body-mapped support is common from many manufacturers, but this was my first go at Salomon’s version.

Putting on the tank, the initial feel is it’s honestly a bit scratchy next-to-skin. The red panels on the shoulders and mid-back is a little rougher than the fabric used on the front and sides. Looking at the fabric in detail, the red panels feature raised “bubbles” that increase the surface area for rapid cooling. To maintain that structure, the fabric must need to be a bit stiffer. Hem length is excellent and provides extended coverage with no bare midriffs no matter how much I moved around.

The EXO Sensifit areas provide noticeable support and posture control. Maintaining the proper body position rewards the runner with long-range comfort and increases efficiency. That comes with a little bit of a drawback for me. I’m not built like a cross-country racer at 5’11” and 175 lbs. and while the size large fits me as well as it should, deep breaths took more effort to perform. As my ribcage expanded, so did resistance from the shirt. On occasion, I felt like taking the shirt off to get a deeper breath.

The Good:

  • Very light
  • Porous material breathes well
  • Posture support you can feel — keeps upper body aligned
  • Wicks moisture
  • Extra length keeps your midsection covered
  • All this innovation in a tank top is impressive

The Bad:

  • Fabric is a bit scratchy
  • Posture support felt like it restricted breathing

The Bottom Line

It’s hot outside. Running tank tops are mandatory this time of the year. If you are looking for a tank top with extra posture and muscle support, the Salomon EXO S-Lab promotes proper posture and breathes extremely well.

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