A good pair of running shorts has the right combination of length, pockets and liner. For dedicated running, the Salomon Light Shorts offer minimal length with maximum freedom-of-movement.

Salomon Light Shorts Features:

  • actiLITE stretch woven fabric
  • 9″ inseam
  • 2 gel pockets, small rear key/ID pocket
  • Wide, non-binding waistband and elastic drawstring
  • Reflective accents
  • Colors: Black, Grey (tested)
  • MSRP: $58

Salomon Light Shorts Review

My Experience

The Light Shorts have many things in common with every other pair of running shorts on the market. Those things are easy to see and include a short inseam length and uninhibited movement for all types of running. What I didn’t expect was the comfort of the extra-wide waistband with its stretchy elastic drawstring cord.

Most shorts have a standard stretchy waistband, but not these. ┬áThe wide waistband consists of about a 1/2″ tall minimally stretchy waistband. And, the nice thing is that the inside of this waistband is 100% actiLITE stretch-woven fabric — just like the rest of the shorts. What that means is they are non-chaffing, non-binding and ultra-comfortable next to your skin. Not once did I feel like the waistband was digging into my hips or sides. The drawstring is also nice and stretchy — all to deliver one of the most comfortable-fitting shorts I’ve worn.

I’ve become accustomed to hauling my iPone on the trail. My heart rate watch is typically just a timepiece, but my performance tracker is always Strava. I have a couple of pairs of shorts that have dedicated phone-friendly pockets. They carry phones well without bonking around. I’d prefer a middle-back pocket for just such a purpose, but instead these shorts include two side mesh pockets and a small back pocket. Attempting to use the side pockets for phone duty were quickly abandoned. These pockets are best suited for a gel packet or two in each, but that’s about it.

Salomon Light Shorts - Gel Pocket

The built-in liner plays nicely with my Ex Officio Give-n-Go boxers and keeps the shorts in the proper position. The fabric has resisted the reaches of local scrub oak tress and remains as intact as day one.

The Good:

  • Unrestricted movement
  • Great for running in hot weather
  • Unique waistband is very comfortable
  • Stretchy drawstring tightens without over tightening
  • Double mesh pockets for gel

The Bad:

  • ┬áPockets have limited structure and can’t carry much more than a couple of gels

The Bottom Line

The Light Shorts are fantastically comfortable in all conditions. The unique, wide waistband remains comfortable next-to-skin with no chaffing or rubbing over time. The mesh pockets satisfy the need for storage, but could be designed more optimally for phone storage.

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