Bib knickers are the unsung hero of the bib world. For me, they tend to be my go-to options — even on cool summer mornings. So, I was anxious to see how the Santini Fase Bib Knickers would do as winter turned to spring here in Utah.

Santini 365 Fase 3/4 Tights Features:

  • Lycra fabric construction
  • Wide straps for comfort
  • eMax chamois with multi-density core
  • Soffio elastic leg cuffs
  • Reflective details
  • MSRP:  $125
Santini 365 Fase 3/4 Bib Tights Review

Good overall construction. Just size down for a more supportive fit.

Bib knickers for cool days

Santini is well-known for their classic Italian styling and construction. I’ve had good luck so far with the Santini Scudo Windbreaker, Classe LS Jersey and Acquazero Vega Winter Gloves, so it was time to round out the shoulder-season test with the Santini Fase 3/4 Bib Tights.

The Fase 3/4 tights are pretty straightforward without too much fanfare. I’ll start with the Lycra construction, which features minimal panels. As a result, don’t expect much compression and I’ll stress that it’s important to look at the size charts. At 5’11” and 170 lbs. and a 33-inch waist, I should have gone with the size Medium. But, Large it was and I would have appreciated a tighter fit. Due to the construction, I can definitely recommend sizing down with these.

Santini 365 Fase 3/4 Bib Tights Review

I may have pushed the temperature limits on this ride. Brrrrr.

I love that Santini chose to use wide, stretchy straps for the uppers. Mesh materials always feel scratchy after 20 miles in the saddle and these wide straps are fantastic both with or without a base layer. They stay put and don’t chafe at all. On the other end of these bib tights, the Soffio elastic leg cuffs are wide and feature subtle rubbery grippers on the last half-inch to stay in place. The cuffs were never constricting to my calf muscles and always stayed in place. I’ll add that nature breaks are easy here — no need to hunch over awkwardly to use the bathroom.

Santini used their eMax chamois with the Fase 3/4’s and it’s a respectable one. It’s not best-in-class, but it offers good overall comfort across a variety of saddles.

Assos Millet GT Jersey and Santini 365 Fase Bib Knickers Review

A little mix-and-match with the Assos Millet GT and the Santini 365 Fase 3/4 Bib Tights.

While these are bib knickers, don’t expect much more weather protection than a pair of bib shorts. The chosen material is very thin and I’d put a hard stop at 50-degrees with these (even that’s borderline). I went out in the 40’s and boy was I cold. Luckily, Santini does make thermal bib knickers for that purpose (I might have to pick up a pair). These are good for chilly mornings, but I’d only pull them out between 50-65 degrees.

The Good

  • Excellent overall quality
  • Love the wide, stretchy straps
  • Good chamois
  • Leg cuffs stay in place without cutting into your calf

The Bad

  • Not much compression (size down)
  • Not a whole lot of warmth
  • Reflective tabs are pretty minimal

The Bottom Line: Santini Fase 3/4 Bib Tights

Santini nailed the construction of the uppers on the Fase 3/4 Bib Tights — those wide straps are comfortable and stretchy. Other than that, these feature thin material that doesn’t offer a whole lot of extra weather protection or compression. Definitely size down for a more supportive fit.

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