There are kits and then there are Italian kits. With a reverence for cycling and fast cars, Italians like everything to perform like a Ferrari and the new Santini Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bibs do just that — all while looking like tutti frutti.

Santini Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bibs Features:

  • Raw cut sleeves with Industry aero fabric
  • Mesh sidebands for added breathability
  • Low-profile collar
  • Ideal blend of race and training fit and performance
  • Elastic gripper around entire hem
  • Thunderbike Power compression fabric on bib shorts
  • Wide leg grippers
  • GITevo chamois with gel core
  • Reflective panel on rear pockets and bibs
  • Made in Italy
  • MSRP: $160 (jersey), $175 (bibs)
Santini Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bib Shorts Review

Don’t fear the gravel. This kit can handle it.

The Tutti Frutti Kit (Santini-style)

There’s no getting around the vineyard color of the Mito Spillo and Karma Mille kit. It’s bright, fun and turns heads. In photos, it looks great, and my wife quite likes it on me. So, there you have it… if you want to look good and impress your significant other, Santini’s new Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bibs in the “vineyard” colorway will do it. But, there’s much more to this kit than the flashy color scheme.

Interestingly, I find Santini’s sizing to not be so European. For my 5’11” and 170 lb. frame, I’m squarely in a medium bib and jersey — and this is the same with all Santini items I’ve tried. That size ends up being the perfect tightness (snug and aero, but not like a sausage). The straps on the Karma Mille Bibs are the appropriate length for comfort and the hem and sleeves of the Mito Spillo Jersey are a nice length for aerodynamics and midsection coverage.

Santini Karma Mille Bib Shorts Review

Mesh straps and wide leg grippers complement the quality chamois on the Karma Mille.

Reviewed: Karma Mille Bibs

As far as bib shorts go, the Karma Mille’s have all the features you should be looking for these days. Two highlights are the wide leg grippers and the GITevo chamois. With the leg grippers, these stay put without any discomfort at all. I can pull them on and they slip right in place. The subtle grip provides just the right amount of tension, but at the same time doesn’t make it overly difficult to put them on. The stretchy fabric also doesn’t inhibit muscle flex at all while the various panels properly support your muscles for proper compression and performance.¬†The panel structure is a little different than other bib shorts, but it seems to work well.

While most bib shorts feature laser-cut straps these days, it was a little disappointing to see that Santini decided to go with a mesh fabric on the straps. For the most part, they work great, but on rough gravel or MTB rides, they do tend to chafe a little. They are definitely not of the cheese grater variety, but you’ll notice them a little after a long, rough ride. A light base layer solves that problem.

Santini Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bib Shorts Review

Heading up, the full kit just gets out of your way.

When it comes time for relief, the front side of the Karma Mille does sit up a little high, but it does stretch pretty well. These aren’t the most convenient bibs for nature breaks, but they do stretch enough to get the job done.

If there’s one thing that tends to be standard fare for European bib shorts, it’s a fancy name for things — most typically the chamois. True to form, the Karma Mille Bibs feature their¬†GITevo chamois and it’s a winner. While I quite like the floating chamois found in the Assos Equipe RS S9’s, and consider it the gold standard, the GITevo chamois and overall bib construction is outstanding. I’ve worn them with a variety of saddles and it provides a quality, comfortable ride and stays out of the way during hard efforts. This has been true for road, gravel and MTB rides.

Santini Mito Spillo Jersey in Vineyard

The Mito Spillo Jersey fits well, is aerodynamic and comfortable.

Reviewed: Mito Spillo Jersey

Whether you choose to pair the Mito Spillo Jersey with the matching Karma Mille Bibs or a standard black set, you’ll enjoy a fantastic fit and summertime performance on the warmest of days. As with all Santini jerseys, the Mito Spillo features their trademark zipper pull. It’s easily-grabbed and pulled up or down. The small-gauge zipper is a little snug to pull up (even after several months), but it’s not terrible. I absolutely love the “Goldilocks” mid-height collar. The best jerseys have switched to that height and I dig it over the tradition and collarless designs.

Santini Mito Spillo Jersey Collar

The collar height is spot on. And, even though the zipper sticks out, I didn’t notice it.

Uniquely, the Mito Spillo features elastic grippers around the entire hem. Most jerseys skip that in the front, but not here. With that, the Mito Spillo Jersey stays put super well and doesn’t require any re-adjustments throughout the ride. In addition, the hem length is long enough to always provide full midsection coverage.

Summer riding often requires jersey pockets stuffed to the gills and that’s one part that needs improvement here. The flat, non-pleated pockets don’t carry an extreme amount of items. The center pocket is particularly narrow, so don’t expect to leave that saddle bag at home on long rides.

Santini Mito Spillo Jersey Pockets

Narrow-ish pockets, but tons of reflective elements on back.

The fit of both the Mito Spillo and Karma Mille is perfect for aerodynamics. It’s snug and that Industry Aero fabric on the sleeves sits flat and allows air to flow right on by. Even at the highest speeds, the kit stays put and never flaps around anywhere.

Another bonus — particularly for hot rides — is the cooling effect you’ll feel at speeds. After long climbs or hard efforts, the descent really amplifies the breathability of the fabric and delivers a noticeable increase in comfort.

The Good

  • Comfortable fabric next-to-skin
  • Bright, bold colors stand out
  • Elastic all the way around the hem keeps the jersey in palce
  • GITevo chamois is comfortable
  • Breathes well and has a nice cooling effect at speed
  • Lots of reflective elements

The Bad

  • Pockets are narrower than what I’d expect
  • Zipper carrier is a little hard to pull up

The Bottom Line: Santini Mito Spillo Jersey & Karma Mille Bibs

While not everyone is going to be stoked on the tutti frutti look of the “Vineyard” color scheme on the Mito Spillo Jersey and Karma Mille Bibs, I quite like it (and there are several other colors available). The GITevo chamois is excellent and comfortable and the overall fit of the kit is streamlined and breathable for hot days in the saddle.

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