To ride in cold weather, a great pair of bib tights are a necessity. Warmth and comfort are key when spinning your legs in the cold. And, with Santini’s Italian craftsmanship, you can be sure that every stitch has been made with care — so your cold-weather rides are comfortable now and 5 years from now. The Santini Svolta Bib Tights can be paired with the Svolta Jacket or Thermal Jersey or your own jacket/jersey combo.

Santini Svolta Bib Tights Features:

  • Thermofleece panels for warmth and wind protection
  • Body-mapped panels for glove-like fit
  • GITevo chamois with a silicone gel core
  • Reflective tape on back of calves
  • Made in Italy
  • MSRP: $185
Santini Svolta Bib Tights Review

The Svolta Bib Tights are comfortable and warm for rides in the 40’s.

Svolta Bib Tights are Super-comfortable

Since 1965, Santini SMS has been making top-tier cycling clothing. From that humble beginning to now, they remain dedicated to Italian design and manufacturing. That passion can be felt upon slipping on the Svolta Bib Tights. Simplicity and function are prioritized and the results are outstanding.

Pulling them on, you’ll notice that they lack zippered leg cuffs. Instead, the material is stretchy enough to be easily pulled up and over any pair of socks. The wide, stretchy cuff stays put without grippers and flexes nicely to maintain a solid seal. Without zippers, there’s no double-zipper interference when worn with shoe covers. And, removing that zipper just simplifies things by removing an unnecessary element.

Santini Svolta Bib Shorts Review

The stretchy material comfortably moves with you.

The thermofleece of choice both blocks wind and retains warmth without getting too warm. There is no DWR treatment, so these are not waterproof. Keep that in mind if your winter rides get wet and wild. They do remain warm when wet and dry out fairly quickly though. In my testing so far, I find these comfortable between 40-55 degrees. You can wear them in colder temperatures, but if you’re riding in those temperatures, there are warmer bib tights I’d recommend. That said, temperatures in the 40’s are my sweet spot and these have delivered.

The uppers are nice and comfortable and continue utilizing the stretchy thermofleece used throughout. As with the legs, everything stretches nicely while still maintaining good muscle support. I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs and have found the medium size to be absolutely perfect. I’ve worn them both with and without a base layer and either way is great.

Santini Svolta Bib Tights Review

Keeping things toasty on some cold rides in the mountains.

With a front that hits a couple of inches above the navel, everything feels cohesive. And again, that stretch does come into play when nature calls. It is possible to stretch the uppers for a moment of relief.

Topping things off, the GITevo chamois just shines. I’ve ridden a ton of different chamois models and I’d put the GITevo right at the top. It is supremely-comfortable and provides just the right amount of cushioning and support across a variety of saddles. I could ride in this chamois all day. I love how the panel also comes forward to provide added frontal protection to sensitive bits.

Note: I’m 5’11” and 170lbs. I tested the size medium and found the fit and length to be perfect.

The Good

  • Fleece-backed panels are so comfortable
  • Body-mapped design provides excellent fit and support
  • GITevo chamois is superbly comfortable
  • Nice stretch moves with your body
  • Simple leg cuffs eliminate zippers

The Bad

  • A little DWR on the front panels would be nice

The Bottom Line: Santini Svolta Bib Tights

Winter weather requires proper clothing and the affordable Svolta Bib Tights are excellent performers for cold weather. The thermofleece fabric remains warm for normal riding temperatures and that GITevo chamois is simply brilliant.

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