The Scott ARX Plus MIPS helmet is worth a look. Why? Well, because it is one of the most affordable MIPS helmets on the market. Why is MIPS so important? You’ll have to read on to learn more about that and the function of this helmet.

Scott ARX Plus Helmet Features:

  • In-Mold Technology with PC Micro Shell
  • MRAS2 dial-fit retention system
  • MIPS system
  • Reflective decals
  • Available in black or white/black
  • Weight: 275 grams (medium, actual)
  • MSRP: $129.95
On hot days, the Arx Plus vents well.

On hot days, the ARX Plus vents well.

Affordable MIPS brain protection

If you haven’t noticed, helmet prices are soaring these days. It’s not uncommon to see lids reaching $300. While these high-priced helmets are often packed with safety and aerodynamics, they can also be lighter and more breathable as well. On the other end of the price spectrum, however, things are changing with modern construction, quality materials and added safety features, like MIPS. Yes, MIPS at $129… you read that right.

Yup, it's got MIPS inside.

Yup, it’s got MIPS inside.

After spending time with the Koroyd folks a few months back, helmet safety is front-of-mind. As I see it, everyone should have a helmet that exceeds the current safety standards because those standards are antiquated and we can do better. Something that can be done right away is build all new helmet molds around MIPS, which standards or Multi-direction Impact Protection System.

Up until recently, MIPS was only found on helmets in the $200+ range, so kudos to Scott for launching the ARX Plus with MIPS at an approachable $120 price point.

I’m undoubtedly a fan of MIPS — even moreso after testing it out first-hand. No, it wasn’t a dramatic, high-speed affair, but it was enough of a fall to feel the impact and then experience the split-second “slip” where the MIPS system is engaged to minimize the impact on the brain. I’ve felt it work and am a believer.

Side view is a little chunky, but still stylish.

Side view is a little chunky, but still stylish.

Outside of MIPS, the ARX Plus is a great all-around helmet with a comfortable MRAS2 retention system that’s easily-dialed to fit your noggin. The straps are reasonably-comfortable (I’ve had softer) and the buckle is easy-to-engage without much thought. Overall fit and adjustments are quick and easy.

On hot days, the ARX Plus does a great job venting (I count 21 vents). I wore this helmet for both mountain biking and road biking and liked it for both purposes. In fact, my aforementioned crash was on a mountain bike ride, so feel free to take this one onto the singletrack at will.

The front view shows the vents well.

The front view shows the vents well.

As far as aerodynamics, there are more slippery helmets out there. Since I don’t have a wind tunnel, my test consists of wind noise at speed. This one is markedly louder than, say the Mavic CXR Ultimate, but it’s also a more subdued design. At this price, the profile is slightly larger than you’ll find in more expensive helmets, but it’s not overly-huge by any means.

Something we all look for is a good place to stash your sunglasses when not in use. Unfortunately, I don’t have good news here as I couldn’t reliably find a spot for them with the Arx Plus. When wearing sunglasses, I didn’t have any compatibility issues — all flavors of shades sat well and vented well.

The Good

  • What an awesome price
  • Reasonable profile with lots of vents
  • Easy fit adjustments
  • MIPS works folks!

The Bad

  • Exposed foam
  • Straps could be softer

The Bottom Line: Scott ARX Plus MIPS

An affordable MIPS-equipped helmet is now within reach of all of us. The ARX Plus is a reliable workhorse that breathes well and is suitable for road and dirt duty.

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In Summary

8.5 Affordable MIPS

No question, we all should have helmets featuring MIPS. I'm a believer and am glad that Scott is a believer too. At $129, the ARX Plus will allow more people to afford this noggin-saving technology.

  • Aerodynamics 7
  • Comfort 8
  • Protection 9
  • Breathability 9
  • Style 8
  • Value 10

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