The cat is out of the bag. Stubby saddles are now just “saddles” and they are consistently among my favorite saddles on the market. Shimano’s PRO components are making waves and the new PRO Stealth Offroad saddle is their first foray into an MTB/gravel saddle space. Since its arrival, the Stealth Offroad has become a fan favorite.

Shimano PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle Features:

  • Optimized compliance for offroad use (MTB or gravel)
  • Rails attach with C-Tec bridge mount
  • Built for aggressive riding positions
  • Superlight EVA padding with variable thickness
  • Compatible with PRO direct mount accessories
  • Edge reinforced for added durability
  • 7x7mm stainless round rails
  • Widths: 142 or 152mm (tested)
  • Weight: ~192grams (stated)
  • MSRP: $149.99
Shimano PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle Review

Wide, stubby and cut out. The Stealth Offroad has quite the figure.

Stealth Offroad perfect for today’s gravel bikes

As Shimano’s component brand, PRO has earned quite the reputation for their saddle designs. Recently, I had a chance to test the PRO Stealth 142. This time, with the new PRO Stealth Offroad, I went wider and have been testing the 152mm model. As it turns out, my backside appreciates the extra width and shape of the Stealth Offroad.

Aboard two bikes now (3T Exploro Team and Argon 18 Dark Matter), the Stealth Offroad has been a solid perch for road and gravel duties. The shape is “modern classic” overall, but with a proper cutout for comfort and a short, wide nose for added support. As with all short saddles, you’ll be wise to set the saddle atop your current one and mark the rail placement since the “nose to bars” reach will be longer. I have the Stealth Offroad set up just a touch nose-down (maybe a half-degree). I’d suggest starting at level and tweaking from there.

Shimano PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle Review

Standard rails and hard mounting points for PRO accessories.

Out on the road and gravel, the Stealth Offroad shines. While it is built for dirt, don’t confuse that with “squishy.” This is a solid saddle for superb power transfer and comfort. In 152mm width, I’ve found it to be an outstanding saddle for long gravel adventures and the cutout definitely keeps my nether regions from going numb — even on the longest of rides.

3T Exploro and the PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle

Rolling cowboy gravel in Oklahoma with the comfy PRO Stealth Offroad saddle.

With a variety of bib shorts, the Stealth Offroad remains comfortable. As with all stubby saddles, I love how easy it is to just plop into the power position every time. There’s little wiggle room fore/aft on this saddle and thankfully, my butt seems to sit down right in the sweet spot every time.

My riding position isn’t super aggressive, but I’ve found the Stealth Offroad to remain comfortable while riding on the tops or in the drops for extended periods of time. It’s equally great for climbing and easy to slide off the back for sketchy descents. And, as an added bonus, it features durable edges to resist trail damage (which I did test).

How does it compare to my current favorite Ergon SR Comp saddle? Well, it’s pretty darn close — and that’s saying a lot. 

The Good

  • Nice balance of comfort and power transfer
  • Stubby saddle puts me in the right position every time
  • Affordable
  • Standard rails are easily-mounted
  • Durable edges

The Bad

  • Saddle are highly-personal (my butt doesn’t equal yours)

The Bottom Line: Shimano PRO Stealth Offroad

The stubby PRO Stealth Offroad saddle has quickly garnered a place in my favorite saddles shortlist. It delivers quality performance and comfort on long gravel or road rides. The 152mm width has been perfect and gives me just the right perch for my sit bones.

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  1. Nice review. I so need a saddle for both my road and mountain bikes (I have not yet invested in a gravel bike). Ever since I turned fifty, I just can’t find a saddle that’s comfortable. Everything nowadays seems overly harsh or has the cutouts (which put too much pressure on too small a piece of my parts). And spending $100 every time just to try something new is challenging. So thanks for the review.

    • Thanks, Steve! Yeah, the full cutout isn’t necessary, but these recessed cutouts are just right for me. It’s a great saddle overall and hopefully something that your middle-aged behind can get behind. 🙂

  2. Marc Teichmannq on

    How would you compare it to the standard Stealth in terms of padding? I’m on the 152 Stealth for road riding and while it has been the best saddle for me, I wish it had more padding. The offroad also looks to be a touch shorter, what’s the length?

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