Smith is the OG of lens-swapping sunglasses. Over the years, the process has improved to the point where it is truly a cinch to swap lenses. With the Smith Attack MTB sunglasses, you get magnetic clips that open the door to swapping lenses on a whim.

Smith Attack MTB Sunglasses Review:

  • All models include two ChromaPop™ lenses
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Extra ChromaPop™ Low Light Amber lens
  • Performance case and microfiber bag
  • Smith MAG™ interchangeable technology
  • Medium fit / large coverage
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • Hydrophilic megol temple & nose pads for a secure fit
  • Auto-lock hinges
  • 7×4 toric lens curvature
  • TR90 frame material
  • MSRP: $249.00
Smith Attack MTB Sunglasses Review

With Amber lenses, the Attack MTB sunglasses are excellent for early morning sessions.

Attack MTB = Large field-of-vision

When it comes to sunglasses for road and mountain biking, optical clarity is tops. A close second for me is unobstructed vision. I’m a semi-rimless fan because, in my opinion, adding anything blocking your vision is just plain stupid. I mean, obstacles are coming your way in a hurry out there, so why give yourself a handicap due to your sunglass frames?

I’ve been happily using the Smith Attack Max sunglasses all year, but have found the Attack MTB’s to be equally-awesome with an extra dose of lens protection and style that lends itself to a more dirt-focused crowd. Certainly, the Attack MTB’s can be used for road and gravel riding without worry. Well, I did initially worry that the lower frame would inhibit vision, but in my testing, it doesn’t block any critical vision on the road or dirt.

Smith Attack MTB Review

Green mirror on greener-than-usual singletrack trails in June.

Really, the top and bottom frames are primarily built for lens protection. There may be a little bit of airflow afforded by the brow piece, but primarily, those areas are there to protect the lens in a crash, or banging around in the back of the car.

The low-light Amber lens is fantastic for cloudy days or early mornings. I found myself with those lenses more often than not because the Attack MTB’s have become my dawn patrol sunglasses of choice. With those lenses, early-morning clarity is excellent, with a wide field-of-vision. They are ChromaPop, so colors pop really nicely.

Smith Attack MTB Sunglasses Review

The Attack MTB’s in their full glory.

With the green mirror lenses, I found the Attack MTB’s to be awesome for mid-day adventures. In general, you want to match your lens tint to your surroundings (blue is for water, green is for lush green areas, red is for deserts, etc.). We had quite the wet spring, so the green tint was awesome during the late spring months with grass and foliage galore here in Utah.

To further test the capabilities of the Attack MTB’s, I wore them on gravel and road rides, but I also used them extensively for trail running. Under all those uses, they perform superbly — with great optical clarity and field-of-vision.

Smith Attack MTB Sunglasses

Gravel testing under low-light conditions.

The nose piece is adjustable based on the shape of your schnoz. The Megol rubber does a great job of keeping things in place, but I feel like the temple tips could be a little grippier. Everything is holding up well with little sign of use in spite of having them banging around in the back of the Pathfinder all season. On humid mornings, they do tend to fog up a little more than I’d like and do require a good cleaning before starting again. They do clear, but it takes a little longer than I’m comfortable with (so I usually just cleaned them after long climbs, which is where it occurred most often).

The Good

  • Field-of-vision is outstanding
  • Lens changes are a cinch
  • Optical quality is on par with the best on the market
  • Large lenses offer tons of protection
  • Adjustable nose piece accommodates different nose shapes

The Bad

  • Temple tips could be a little grippier (but they stay in place nicely)
  • They do tend to fog up

The Bottom Line: Smith Attack MTB

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of MTB shades that have a huge field-of-vision and killer optics, there Smith Attack MTB’s are an obvious choice. Lens swaps are easy with MAG, so you can actually swap things around on a whim.

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  1. Hi Jason – Great review. I just got a pair and love them. Much improved over my last pair (the pivot lock model). My only complaint is in removing the nose piece to change lenses. I can’t get the bloody thing off and I’m afraid if I force it too much, I’ll break the lens. Any tips?
    [email protected]

  2. I like that the Attack Max is a little lighter, so I use them a lot for trail running as well. And, I typically prefer full rimless lenses for ease of cleaning and field-of-vision. I kind of use them interchangeably though. Depends on my mood, I guess. 🙂

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