Not everyone has cargo-sized jersey pockets to stuff to the gills on a long or short ride. And, with the recent bike boom, many riders aren’t wearing traditional jerseys, yet they still want an easy way to haul some necessities in a less-cumbersome way. With the SmrT water bottle, you get one part water bottle and one part storage — all nicely stowed in your existing bottle cage.

SmrT Cargo Water Bottle Features:

  • Squeezable 500 ml water bottle
  • Screw-on 450 ml storage area
  • Rubber nozzle for comfortable drinking
  • Fits in standard bottle cages
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • 18-month warranty
  • MSRP: $19.95
SmrT Cargo Bottle Review - Unscrewed

A spare tube, CO2 and a multi-tool FTW.

Extra storage and water — just where you need it

Saddle bags get a bad rap and not everyone likes to stuff their jersey pockets to the gills. Heck, not everyone is wearing a standard jersey these days. With that, the folks at SmrT developed their Cargo Water Bottle. The inspiration and final drive to develop the SmrT Cargo Water Bottle was a pair of torn Assos bib shorts due to scratchy Velcro from a seat bag. I know how much I love my Assos bib shorts, so I can see how that would push just about anyone over the edge in their angst towards saddle bags. I honestly think “Thou shalt not tear thy Assos bib shorts.” is the 11th Commandment.

With that, the SmrT Cargo Bottle was born. This patented design is about the same size as a regular 25 oz water bottle, but consists of two pieces, screwed together. The top is the water bottle, which holds just about 500 ml of liquid. Below that is a hard plastic storage container that’s big enough for a spare, levers, energy gels and a mini tool (or any similar variety of items). No, it’s not going to hold as much as that saddle bag, but it holds just the right amount for a solid ride.

SmrT Cargo Bottle Review

Loaded up on the 3T Exploro RaceMax using Zipp Alumina cages.

Once screwed together, the SmrT Cargo Bottle has stayed secure and not come loose — even on some pretty rough gravel rides. I have been able to fit it into both the Zipp Alumina, Bontrager Bat Cage and Silca Sicuro cages without major issues. I have found that it does rattle a little under the most extreme conditions. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the bottom of the bottle contacting the downtube or something else. During those times, I’m focused on the trail ahead, so it’s hard to know for sure. But, under most conditions, it’s quiet. And, even after some rough trails, the bottle stays put.

Drinking from the bottle is honestly a little challenging. After years of drinking from water bottles, you get used to the changing balance point and know how to hold the bottle for maximum water volume. Due to the lower storage compartment, that balance point is odd and makes holding and squeezing the bottle more difficult — especially in the saddle. I’ve found that I can only squeeze a small amount of liquid out at at a time when riding, which isn’t quite enough to quench my thirst. The rubber nozzle is nice and soft, and easily pulled out or locked. It has remained leak-free in all my usage. And, you can squeeze nearly every last drop of water out of it.

SmrT Cargo Bottle Review - Gravel Riding

Hitting the gravels with the SmrT Cargo Bottle.

Practically speaking, I would only recommend the SmrT water bottle as a second bottle if you have two cages. It’s an okay bottle to drink from while in the saddle, but I think I would either drink from it when stopped or use it to fill a regular water bottle for drinking.

But, if you’re not pushing the limits and in need of massive amounts of water during any given ride, this cargo bottle is a novel solution. I’d say it’s great for families or more casual riders who don’t have high hydration demands.

The Good

  • Cool storage solution that can eliminate saddle bags or overloaded jersey pockets
  • Soft, rubber nozzle is easy to drink from
  • Fits standard cages
  • Feels good to support a small businesses
  • Can get almost every drop of water out

The Bad

  • Awkward drinking ergonomics
  • Can only get a small amount of water per squeeze

The Bottom Line: SmrT Cargo Bottle

This patented storage bottle is a nifty invention for those seeking to eliminate saddle bags or stuffed pockets. You can easily carry a few personal items and a spare tube in the same form factor as a large water bottle. But, drinking is a little awkward, so I recommend it as a second bottle or for more casual use.

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