It’s winter, so it’s cold here in Utah. And, in spite of the past few years of famine, we live in the mountains and it snows up here. To keep running during the winter, I opt for running tights. There are many great options, out there and I’ve been particularly impressed with the Sugoi Firewall 220 running tights.

Sugoi Firewall 220 Running Tights Features:

  • New Firewall 220 fabric with DWR on the front-facing panels
  • Wind and weather protection
  • MidZero back for thermal warmth and stretch
  • 9-inch locking ankle zippers
  • Single bonded rear pocket for essentials
  • MSRP: $150

Sugoi Firewall 220 Running Tights Review

Firewall 220’s are warm, supportive and comfortable

Yeah, I suppose you could opt for the base layer with shorts on top or go with those sweat pants you still have from college (Go Team!), but is that the best way to head outside on a cold winter morning? No way, no how. Don’t be that guy — get a great pair of running tights and your legs will be warmer and feel fresher.

Sugoi didn’t skimp any details when it comes to the Firewall 220 running tights. These are about as full-featured as it gets with the updated Firewall 220 fabric on the front-facing panels. This fabric is thick, but not bulky or clunky in any way. It features a solid DWR treatment to ward off moisture along the way. The backside features MidZero fabric for extra stretch and breathability. The entire package offers fantastic next-to-skin feel and outstanding performance.

Excellent DWR treatment and comfortable fit.

Excellent DWR treatment and comfortable fit.

While I wouldn’t call these compression tights, they do offer ample muscle support without turning you into a human sausage. I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs with a 32″ inseam and the size large tights fit me spot-on. The length is perfect and the overall sizing is snug and supportive without being restrictive. All running movements feel natural and uninhibited. They are easy to put on and take off — particularly due to the 9″ leg zippers. Speaking of zippers, I’m glad they are positioned on the side so they don’t get in the way of natural motion and the extra length makes on/off even easier.

So far I’ve run in these in varied temperatures from 25-degrees to 45-degrees and they handle both extremes very well. In that range, the wind and weather protection is perfect and I haven’t swamped them out into the low-40’s. The brushed waffle pattern of the Firewall 220 fabric retains heat while dissipating moisture — it is a time-tested pattern that works great here.┬áDurability remains excellent and these are my “go-to” kit for cold-weather running.

The Good

  • Firewall 220 fabric is warm and protective
  • Excellent overall fit
  • Full range of motion
  • Large leg zippers make for easy on/off
  • Breathes well — thanks to the waffle-like fleece backing

The Bad

  • Rear pocket┬ácan only fit some mobile phones — my iPhone 5S does fit

The Bottom Line: Sugoi Firewall 220 Tights

If you are a dedicated winter runner, it’s hard to beat the comfort and protection afforded by the Firewall 220 running tights. Sugoi has nailed these and the fabric combination is absolutely superb.

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The Verdict

9.3 Perfect Winter Tights

To keep running all winter long requires dedication and the right equipment. Ditch those old sweats and go with a pair of Sugoi Firewall 220 running tights -- you'll be warmer, more comfortable and be able to run longer. It's time, my friend.

  • Protection 9
  • Comfort 10
  • Fit 9
  • Durability 9

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