Sugoi could be seen as a sleeper brand when it comes to cycling kits. Quietly making great stuff, we’ve tested their RS Pro kits over the years and the latest Sugoi RS Pro Training and Climber’s jerseys are excellent options for everyday or days when the roads tilt upwards at a considerable pitch. Here I’ll dig into the Climber’s Jersey.

Sugoi RS Pro Climber’s Jersey Features:

  • Low-profile collar
  • Large-tooth, full-length zippers
  • Race Mesh front and Full Moon (SPF 15) fabric on rear
  • Comfortable, wide arm bands
  • Weight: 110 grams (large, actual)
  • MSRP: $135
Sugoi RS Pro Climber's Jersey

Minimalist materials provide SPF 15 and extreme breathability.

Shed excess weight with the Climber’s Jersey

In recent years, manufacturers have been keen to lighten up their top-end kits to aid in the rider’s desire to shed as much weight as possible. This becomes even more important on high alpine ascents with the direct sun beating down on you where the maximum breathability these lightweight fabrics afford also come into play.

At higher speeds, most fabrics will breathe to some extent. But, at slower climbing speeds, the type of mesh and strategic placement on the rider’s body come into play and the Sugoi RS Pro Climber’s Jersey is a great execution of those needs.

Sugoi RS Pro Climber's Jersey

Minimalist everywhere with no grippy hem (still, it stays put).

With any pieces in the Sugoi RS Pro line, the Climber’s Jersey features pro-level fit and materials. Sugoi has also opted for a low-profile collar here, which, in all honesty, makes a considerable temperature difference compared to traditional-height collars. Admittedly, it does look a little odd, but it certainly speeds venting.

Usability of featherweight jerseys can become troublesome and there is a touch of that here — particularly with the jersey pockets. The stitching is so minimalist at the hem and along the tops of the pockets that it is difficult to dig your hands into the pockets. I have to try multiple times to get into the pocket due to the minimal stitching atop the pocket. Those pockets are on the smaller side and do tend to sit a touch lower than is typical as well.

Sugoi RS Pro Climber's Jersey

The pockets, with their minimal stitching, are difficult to reach into.

The jersey stays put and works very well in concert with the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Shorts since their uppers offer a bit more coverage. That said, the Climber’s Jersey is cut shorter up front, so choose your bib shorts wisely and, if you’re going all-in, get the RS Pro Bib Shorts for the ultimate combo.

Sleeve cuffs are nice and wide and feature a modern length. They also comfortably stay put all day long. On-bike fit is excellent and, as you’d expect, the Pro Fit is deserved as this one is perfectly snug with zero excess material to flap around.

Sugoi RS Pro Climber's Jersey

Rolling around during a warm monsoon-like day in Utah.

These large-toothed zippers seemed initially out of place, but I’m seeing more and more jerseys using them and they work great. It’s so easy to zip/unzip on-the-fly, but just watch out for any rogue chest hair on the way up. Oh, and the mesh material certainly isn’t uncomfortable, but don’t expect a silky-smooth next-to-skin feel. It’s a little scratchy, but not irritating.

Sizing Note: I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs. The size large fit perfectly-snug without turning me into a sausage. Some have noted the need to size up. These are “Pro Fit” so you may need to consider upsizing.

The Good

  • Lightweight fabrics for long days
  • Breathes extremely well
  • Pro cut and fit is superb
  • Low-profile collar aids in temperature management
  • Large-toothed zipper is easily moved up/down one-handed

The Bad

  • Jersey pockets are really difficult to dig into in the saddle
  • Short cut front requires bibs with more coverage

The Bottom Line: Sugoi RS Pro Climber’s Jersey

If weight and breathability are tops, the RS Pro Climber’s Jersey delivers. The mesh materials used breathe extremely well and feel great on long climbs in the hot alpine sun. Pockets are hard to reach into, but if you want minimalist, this is your jam.

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