Protein bars come in all shapes and sizes. Now, Honey Stinger is coming into town with crackers, nut butter and plant-based protein. It’s all a crunchy, chocolate-y snack that’s best served outside after a workout. You’ll see why.

Honey Stinger Cracker Protein Bars Features: 

  • Nut butter and honey filling
  • Chocolate-dipped crackers on top/bottom
  • 10 grams of plant protein (NEW)
  • USDA certified organic ingredients
  • 280 calories
  • Made in Steamboat, CO
  • Weight: 1.94 oz
  • MSRP: $28.99 (box of 12 bars – $2.42 ea.)
Honey Stinger Cracker Bar - Review

Available in dark or milk chocolate.

Crunchy, crispy protein

While most protein bars are gooey and soft, Honey Stinger wanted something a little different, so they made themselves a cracker protein sandwich. No, I’m not talking about Grandma’s saltine and mayonnaise cracker sandwiches (yummy, right), I’m talking crackers with a protein-packed nut butter filling and dipped in milk or dark chocolate. It definitely sounds and tastes better than Grandma’s saltine adventure.

The original cracker bars only had 4 grams of protein, but now they have ramped that up to 10 grams of plant-based protein. It isn’t meant to be heavy, but just enough to replenish and help with recovery from your typical efforts. It’s important for all of us to consider the source of proteins as we improve our diets. Stating that it’s plant-based is pretty obvious, but does serve as a reminder that we should all be searching for protein in other ways than eating meat.

Honey Stinger Cracker Bar - Review

The crunchy, cracker-y details.

As far as taste goes, the crackers do make things a little dry, but it’s unique in a world of soft and chewy protein bars. My taste buds may have liked a cracker with a little more flavor — something like a graham cracker or Biscoff — which could provide the crunchy texture, but not be so bland tasting. In the end, it’s not bad as the nut butter and chocolate meld together with every bite.

Now, those crackers do get messy (hence why I said to eat them outside). If you’re eating these things at your desk after a workout, expect a fair bit of crumbles to drop off. I’m not gobbling them like Cookie Monster, but it still makes a bit of a mess. Outside may be a better option. Oh, and if you want to share the bar or break it in half for later, I’d suggest doing that while it’s still in the wrapper. It does easily snap in half in there.

The Good

  • Crunchy protein bars in a soft, gooey world
  • Ample protein for recovery from most efforts
  • Easily broken in half and shared (in the wrapper)

The Bad

  • Tends to be a little dry
  • Crackers are bland

The Bottom Line: Honey Stinger Cracker Protein Bars

In a soft, gooey protein bar world, the Honey Stinger Cracker Protein Bars are a nice change. With a cracker sandwich and a chocolate-dipped outer, the entire concoction works well. Admittedly, it is a little dry and does crumble everywhere, so eat them outside or over the sink.

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